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Posted by knotgames - November 3rd, 2017

5378138_150970636413_piexiescens.jpgSome of you may wonder and some of you already asked... What is left on chapter 2?

So here is a rough list of the big blocks left on chapter two and a rough description of what you can expect on every alpha.

Blocks of chapter 2 left:
· Castle
· Church
· Academy
· Hot springs
· More beach
· Castle archives.
· Training area.
· Room in the church.
· Crypt.
· Blacksmith.
· The seer.
· Church of Elana.
· Tavern managing.
· Night events (triple?).
· Sleep/dream events
· Under the sea (still a lot to think about this).
· More elven events (more or less the double).
· Wild people.
· Renegades arena.
· Renegades military camp.
· Demon's war.
· Demon's dimension.
· Finish spirits.
· Finish objects.
· Card game.
· Mage boss.
· Priest boss.
· Warrior boss.
· Demon boss.
· Aly and Lily (not real sisters by the way, no one is relative to any one in this island of clones).
· Loola.
· King and Queen.
· Archmage.
· Holy Belle.
· Jenara.
· Morrow.
· Some more of Scylla.
· Jane.
· Ending.

What can you expect of a month/month and a half alpha?

Every alpha will have, more or less 2-4 points of this lists, 5,000 to 15,000 word for events, 15 to 30 images and 2 to 4 animations.

Even so coding, writing and drawing it's not an exact science. Some of the blocks of the list could take a full month of work and some, because of story matters can't be fully finished in the same release. We also work on events from the polls, reward events and, even working to publish regular updates, all the work we do can't always be reflected on the monthly alpha.

Some of the points could disappear or change during the development.

We are adding a link to this post on our overview description and we'll update it month by month.

Posted by knotgames - April 3rd, 2017

5378138_149124790383_capaleracolaixav.jpgThis month because of the tutorials explanations or updates are not finished enough on the version we are not going to publish on newgrouds. However you can find a new public release on our blog: elanachampionoflust.blogspot.com or a newer one being a patron of us on https://www.patreon.com/elanachampionoflust

Here are the updates for both versions:

Alpha 0.9.2


· Fixed some typos.

· Fixed bug from Nurik who always repeats his initial event.

· Added villagers to the church.

· Removed visual glitch on the villagers of the intro.

· Now villagers don't hate and love blowjobs at the same time.

· Now you have a pick pocket  minigame to get some money but it needs a tutorial and proper interface. (To do the minigame click on the "start" square and move the pointer through the line to the other square without touching the border. If you touch the border, you'll lose influence with the villager).

· Now when you perform actions with the villagers, if you hit on the green spot on the bar minigame, you'll earn 1 point of Max. magic or Max. energy to a maximum of 300.

· Added a help text when Elana is trying to perform an action to advanced for the villager.

· As you influence a villager the green part of the bar minigame will get bigger.

· Fixed a bug that made  villagers have some random properties.

· Added "fuck" action for with male characters (1 animation per Elana form).

· Added descriptions of the skills on the skills tree.

· Added pop-ups when you buy the skill tree.

· Now the skills have different costs to purchase.

· Chained observing events now work as chained observing events of chapter 1.

· Now, when you are going to perform an action, you'll find an eye button to see the information you've got about the villager.

· Added  a text on the intro explaining how Elana obtained her new notebook to write the info of the villagers.

· Changed interface of the notebook and added the option to check if the villager prefers one Elana or another.

· Added inventory (right click to "use" object and left click to move but the only object you can "use" now is the notebook).

· Added ritual 1 (Performed on the nest like chapter one. You'll find the button of  ritual 2 but doesn't do nothing yet).

· Added 5 Rala events (with 6 images)

· Once you finish Rala's events you can go again to her shop and now you can buy and sell items. This part still have some glitches  but you can buy or sell items dragging them to one part or the other or making a double click on the items.

· When you go to Rala's shop you can also train her (4 images appearing at random but no costs or effects yet. Not explanations either).

· At Rala's shop you'll see the option to give her a gift but it's not implemented yet. In future the affection from Rala to Elana will increase with this options and will allow to perform more trainings.

· Added 2 Scylla events (starting in the academy) with 2 images.

· Now you can buy some special objects, Amulet of  spectral vision and ethereal jars, which will allow Elana to see and gather  spiritual ingredients and spirit essences during nights. The amulet will be needed to see the items and the jars to collect the essences of spirits. The jars can only contain, each one, one type of spirit essences. Nothing to do yet with this and still a lots of names, pop-ups and explanations to add in game.

Alpha 0.7 Updates:

Posted by knotgames - February 1st, 2017


Chapter 2 Alpha 0.4 upgrades:

· Now the villagers can be level up with the actions. Also if the villager doesn’t have enough level, he/she will not allow Elana do more advanced actions (once they are at level 4 they are maxed, the game allows you to keep going but you will not achieve anything else with it).
· Now the areas level up with the sum of the influence of all villagers of the area.
· Now the actions must be purchased as on chapter 1 (every action now cost 1000 exp points but it will be adjusted in future).
· Added small tutorial/dialogue after the intro to explain a little the new way the game works.
· Now the bars of stats (energy, magic, experience) work. The magic and energy can’t be refilled but once they are empty you can keep doing actions. To show the bars you have to click on the watch.
· Now, where you hit on the bar minigame before actions determine Elana’s performance, and the result of the influence.
· Now the preference of the villagers affects the result of the influence (magic attacks still neutral).
· Now when Elana learns the name of a villager this is added to a book in the inventory. Also when Elana does the magic action “Scan” on a villager, his/her preferences will appear in the book (The book still need interface and, once finished, every time Elana learns something new of the villager because she made an action with he/she, this information will appear in the book).
· Added all magic base magic actions (the action “visions” show different results depending on the Elana’s transformation).
· Added titjob/dildo actions (4 animations).
· Added English texts for the farms.
· Added tavern with it’s ragdolls and texts, both in Spanish and English.
· Adjusted and translated some texts for the actions.
· Now you have the button to go directly to the morning.
· Added 2 animations and 3 images for the observing events on the farms.
· Added 2 images for observing events on the forest.
· Added 4 images for observing events on the market.
· Added 3 images for observing events on the tavern.
· Now the first debug code from chapter 1 (the one which unlock all actions and make them always succeed) works but only activating all actions and giving the best result if Elana succeed with her performance . During next week we’ll upload another version with the possibility to use the debug code to unlock the gallery.

Known bugs:

Well, lots of thing to be polished, colors of pieces the animation which changes, when you use the button to go to the morning everything appear like in night until you enter an area, floating numbers and animations of the levelling up of the villagers need to be adjusted… Anyway, we have found a lot of little things, but feel free to report anything you think it could be rellevant

Chapter 1 Beta 1.8 upgrades:

· Added 5 images for observing events on the castle.
· Added 7 images for observing events on the forest.
· Added 10 images for observing events on the square.
· Added 1 image for observing events on the tavern.
· Added 2 images for observing events on the academy. 
· Added 4 images for observing events on the houses
· Added 1 image for observing events on the farms.
· Added 8 images for observing events on the market. 
· Added a little tutorial/dialogue the first time you fight. 
· Fixed a little bug making appearing the forest on the crypt during dawn and dusk.
· Fixed the skipped texts on the castle doors, academy doors, blacksmith and seer.


Chapter 2 Alpha 0.1 upgrades:

· Recoded adapting the old functionality from chapter 1 to work with the new features of chapter two.
· Recoded the ragdoll system to consume less resources.
· You can move between the areas but only the market, the forest and the farms are functional.
· Time implemented but now work a little different. Move between areas will cost time and in future will cost time and energy. Also Elana will be able to move until her energy is gone, even at night (during night, move between the areas to make the day start again).
· Now every area have it’s own villagers (10 for now) and Elana will influence them particularly. If you use the action conversation, Elana will learn their name, but in future will work with all physical skills.
· New skill trees implemented.
· Now the skills are bought by points but since the system of the new influence is not implemented yet and the way to acquire this points neither, in this version you’ll start with 100 points to buy all skills.
· Most of the skills now try to show the difference between the villagers, with ragdolls or a new set of villagers made by pieces.
· Most of the actions implemented (still some magic actions left and some the physical actions, without the animation done, too. The skill tree needs to be updated with this physical actions too).
· Elana can transform herself before doing the actions and most of the times the result will be different.
· Provisional texts for the actions. Only in Spanish and will probably be changed.
· Implemented ragdolls in the forest, market and farms.
· Texts for the observing events in the mentioned areas are implemented but the farms are only available in Spanish and the text needs to be revised.
· Since the influence system is not implemented, every time you make an action, the area will level up and the observing events will change to make it possible to see all of them.
· Now the game have 3 slots to save. Right now only save the time, but it’s ready to save all the features in future.
Chapter 1 Beta 1.6 upgrades:
· Added 7 images for observing events on the tavern.· Added 6 images for observing events on the farms.
· Added 2 images for observing events on the academy


You can find the Patreon versions here: https://www.patreon.com/elanachampionoflust

And the public release versions here: 


Hope you’ll enjoy it! ^^

Posted by knotgames - November 10th, 2016



· Slide intro
· Intro like a singular character event (like on chapter 1).

On this chapter the plot will focus on the division of the church of Stallos. Since the king has changed and the archmage is mad, nor the guards or the mages will attack Elana now (the prison and the night events of the guard will keep the same line since the king and the queen doesn't really care much about the village right now), but the church will create some kind of the special forces to fight Elana but not in the same way of chapter 1.
Now when you'll enter an area it will be a possibility to find this special forces there and Elana will be not able to perform any action there. She'll have two options, beat them to perform the actions or wait some hours until they leave.


After the initial impact of Elana's actions the villagers have thought and somehow fill ashamed for their behaviour and Elana's mission will take a step back. On the other hand the villagers have started developing preferences and sensitivities so the way to influence will change.
Every area will have 10-20 villagers who will appear in precise hours of the day (For example: Laura, Lio, Arol and Inno will appear in the market from 10 am. to 14 pm.) and every villager will have 4 levels:

0 : The villager will refuse to participate on Elana's regular actions. Elana will have to perform certain amount of soft actions until the villager is “unlocked” and allows Elana perform regular actions (some of the villagers will skip this level).
1 : The villager will allow actions from level 1
2 : The villager will allow actions from level 2
3 : The villager will allow actions from level 3
Each one of this levels will have a bar to fill to make the villager level up.
The villagers will also have three base states:

1 : Neutral: Doesn't prefer magic or physical
2 : Favorable magic: Prefer magic and doesn't like physical.
3 : Favorable physical: Prefer physical and doesn't like magic.
They also will have preferences. Every action will be stronger or weaker but the result of the action will have a bonus or a penalty depending on the preferences of the villager. This preferences could be known by observing the reaction of the villager to the action or by purchasing a magic skill to scan the villagers to know their preferences.
On this chapter Elana will not fight to increase her influence but to make grow the faction of the church who supports her.


Elana will have to get used to her new power and body so she will have to learn again most of their skills. This skills will have to be upgraded to perform actions transformed and have more powerful effect.


Actions of level 0:
· Conversation
· Loving touch
Actions of level 1:
· Rumours --> Dirty advances
· Kiss --> sloppy kiss
· Sexy dance --> Lap dance
· Bad touch --> Rain of thousand hands
· Masturbation (show) --> Masturbation (show encouragement)
Actions of level 2:
· handjob/fingering --> Jerk off fingering level 2
· Oral --> Oral lvl 2
· Titjob/dildo --> Titjob/dildo lvl 2
· Footjob --> Footjob lvl2
· Villager takes the initiative.
Actions of level 3:
· Fuck/scissors --> Fuck/Scissors lvl 2
· Anal (strapon with woman) --> Anal (strapon with woman) lvl 2
· Fuck (the villager takes the initiative. Strapon with woman)--> lvl 2
· Strapon foreplay (woman)


Actions of lvl 0:
· Scan
· Heat
Actions of level 1:
· Spiritual form lvl 1
· Magic wind lvl 1
Actions of level 2:
· Spiritual form lvl 2
· Magic wind lvl 2
· Visions --> Powerful visions
Actions of level 3:
· Spiritual form lvl 3
· Spontaneous arousal --> Powerful spontaneous arousal
· Electro arousal (only transformed)
More or less like the chapter 1 but taking a step back and end reaching more “advanced” situations.


More or less 6 new events for each one of them (one could have 12 and one 3).
Some of them will reach the status of “friends” and Elana will be able to training them (spending xp points with images or animations) until they convince them to perform actions with her and eventually fight with her.
The events will work the same way they do on chapter one but it will be the possibility of collect magic ingredients and hunt spirits/entities (explained after).



· Female elves town: Combination of observing events and quest events.
· Male elves town: Combination of observing events and quest events.
· Path to forbidden area: Probably not accessible.
This areas will probably have some subareas.


· Savage people area: Combination of observing events and quest events.
· Renegades camp/town: Where the expelled villagers live.
· Sub areas of the renegade camp:
· Commander area: Area with the leaders of the renegades
· Black market: Elana will be able some rare items here.
· Arena: Zone with combat sequences.
· War zone: Where the renegades are in war with the demons. Zone with combat sequences.
· Demonic portal: Where the demons come from. Probably with a dungeon to explore.


Merfolks town: Combination of observing events and quest events.
Ship graveyard: Combination of observing events and quest events.


· Fairy village: Combination of observing events and quest events.

· Catacombs: Combination of observing events and quest events. Place to train spiritual form.
· Church room: Combination of observing events and quest events. First headquarters of the church faction who follows Elana.
· Training zone: Were Elana will learn violent attacks.
· Archives: To learn lore of the island.
· Lab: To create potions and objects.
· Clone room: To create spirits and maybe body modifications.
· Tower of the academy: To start events of Scylla.


Possibility to find 12 ingredients to create 65 potions/objects.
Will be needed and object from the black market to find them.


With the same object to find the ingredients Elana will be able to find entities at night, to fight and catch their essence. With this essence Elana will be able concentrate the spirits on the clone room and use their powers for fights, actions, quests...
Could appear some entities or spirits like: fury, happiness, envy, laziness, dreams, pride, shadow fairies, lady of the shadows, ghosts, war, death, plague, hunger...


Maybe we'll add a collecting card game with no relevance on the development of the game. This game will be like the combats, regular game but moved to a sexual ground

Posted by knotgames - August 31st, 2016

Finally we have the "beta" of chapter one here. Thanks for your patience. 


· A new battery of observing events written by Turnip. We've been working for several months with the writer Turnip and finally we had added more or less 12 observing events in every area written by him (with it's own ragdolls).

· Tutorial updated with the new features.

· Replaced sketches from the previous version for the final images.

· Added fairy village in the forest (nothing to do there yet).

· Added smithy in the square with 1 image.

· Now you can get a lock to close the door of the room in the tavern to avoid the drunk man during the night.

· Now you can visit the seer in the houses with 1 image and 1 animation (the closer to a walkthrought you'll get from us :P).

· Added note to reread the predictions from the seer.

· Added unlockable gallery, not as much complete as the $10+ patrons but quite comlete. Once unlocked the sections will apear when the areas or characters are fully completed (Hints: night, houses, Lodred).

· Added meeting room in the church (nothing to do there yet).

· Added training area in the castle (nothing to do there yet).

· The mountain is no longer an "area" like the others. Now you can access there through the houses and the farms going through the canyon.

· Changed the text of the elves in the entrance of the mountain.

· Through the canyon you can go to the path of the river (there is a choice event there but nothing more to do there yet).

· Now you can go to the inner door of the academy.

· Now you can use the sigils there (once is unlocked, with all the requirements reached, could be it will not open because of a bug but if you go out of the academy and enter again it will work).

· Added Archmage Allor with combat events. With the events and the combat, more or less 25 images and 1 animation (we recomend have all trainings done and the books from Rala's shop for this part. Also some potions will not be a bad idea).

· Added Elana and spirit transformation.

· Added animation of Elana's transformation.

· Now the chapter can be ended (but you can keep playing if you want).

· Added auto-save. When you'll go to load the game it will let you choos betwen the auto-saved game and the regular saved game.

· Added spanish texts (not checked, some mix of languages could apear). The language can be changed while playing in the options menu.

· Added 2 night multiple choice events in the market.

· Added 1 night event in the square.

· Added 2 night events in the farms, one of them a multiple choice event.

· Added 1 night multiple choice event in the houses (some of this choices will require to have some total level of influence or another event to be unlocked).

· Added 7 images in the academy (5 of them in the outside doors).

· Added 2 images for observing events in the market.

· Added 3 images for night events in the farms.

· Added 4 images for night events in the houses.

· Added 1 image for observing events in the church.

· Added 4 images for observing events in the farms (3 sketches).

· Added and changed images of the interface (animation of the areas leveling up, notes of the bards minigames, options menu, ritual icons...).

· Now the ritual 2 needs to be purchased.

· Added 9 backgrounds alltogether (the background of the castle replaced).

· Gallery updated.

· New debug codes (uploaded in a moment).

Known bugs (the bigger ones. We know quite more minnor) :

· The possible bug with the inner door of the academy.

· Somthing similar happens when the acuatic suplies is used or the mermaids events are seen in the hot springs and the beach. You have leave the area and then the events will update to the right level.

· Sometimes after you perform an action, the floating numbers will show you had earned "0" experiece but the experience will rise as it have to.

· The bug that freezes the farm. Didn't happened to us yet and still making changes to try to prevent it but if you find it please report it to us (similar bugs been reported happening in the room in the tabern and the castle but never happened to us either. Hopefully if this happen the auto-save could be a meantime solution). Also we know for some people this bug was fixed upgrading the latest version of adobe flash player on their browsers. 

· Some subareas must be closed at night.

· Some maladjustments with the combat.

So, what it's left for chapter 1?

For this chapter we'll have to fix some bugs and adjust some things, add a lot of images for events and sounds.

During this month we'll focus on it but also to prepare a new android version and catch up with the images for the winnig events from the forum (probably releasing quicker hotfix instead of a monthly alpha). Once finished the month still will be working on images and bugs but we'll combine the work with the starting of the developement of chapter 2.

And what can we expect on chapter 2?

In general terms, beside have similar features with the chapter one, chapter 2 will probably have:

· Diferent paths to reach check points.

· Finite number of regular villagers. Instead of influence random villagers, every area will have it's own villagers and they will have it's own stats (preferences, dislikes...). The sum of their influence will give the total influence of the area.

· Mountain zone and east of the island zone with it's own areas (quite smaller than the current map. Maybe with 2-3 areas).

· Gather of magic ingredients to make potions.

· "Hunt" of spirits and magic entities.

· Friendship, training and cooperation with characters.

· Jobs like run the tavern or a cult of worshipers of Elana.

· Collecting card game?

All of this could seem a lot, and it is actually :P, but we'll cut or rethink parts of it depending of the developement or depending on what do you think about it.


Posted by knotgames - July 1st, 2016


Here is the June alpha ^^

More art should been added but luck doesn’t smiles us again at the end/begining of month (we should try to publish at the middle instead). Even so we had included some sketches so you can se how the work is going.

Next week we’ll take a little vacation and we’ll be back on Monday 11. Between mojito and mojito we’ll try to take a look at your comments to answer and help as much as we can.

ALPHA 2.6.6


· Now combat is easier (Elana hits harder)

· Trainings modified. A little more difficult (now wera a joke :P) but there is always reward even if you lose and also the amount of times you need to train to reach the maximum its been reduced.

· Now inside the areas you can see the stats unfolding a tab in the bottom left of the screen.

· Some bugs fixed in the prison.

· Fixed some issues with “acuatic supplies”.

· Fixed some sound bugs about the music getting stuck.

· Now in battles you can surrender.

· Fixed some night malfunctions of the events (maybe the event said Elana is taken to the nest or things like this but then didn’t happen).

· Fixed the bug that allows to have more magic points or energy than the maximum of the bars.

· Added sounds on the combat (some still undone).

· King added (with 4 images and a demi-animation).

· Queen added (with 4 images).

· An event with both the king and the queen apear when the events of both of them are completed.

· Added the subareas of the crypt and the royal chamber.

· Added 4 images for observing events in the academy (1 at the door).

· Added 1 image for observing event in the castle (sketch).

· Added 6 images for observing events in the houses (2 sketches).

· Added 1 image for observing event in the square (sketch).

· Added 1 image in the forest for observing events.

Known bugs:

· If, when you “kill” an enemy you click very fast, it could make the program broke.

· We’ve been told quite times about a bug in the farms and the barn wich could make the program broke, but we have not been able to found it. Even so the code it’s been checked to try to prevent it.



WARNING: The combat in this version is quite difficult at the begining you have to buy skill and train to get it easier.


Two list this month since we didn’t made a public release last month.



Posted by knotgames - June 8th, 2016

Since we are not releasing public alpha this month, here you can see how the new combat looks and works. More on the game's line :P 

You can check it here (Adults only, mature content):


Posted by knotgames - June 6th, 2016

This month it's not going to be public release because the 2.5 was still quite bugged. At the end of this month or begining of next one we'll release the 2.6

To don't have you totally in the dark with the project we'll publish some images of the new combat and events until then.

Alpha 2.6 

· 1 image for night event at forest.
· 1 image for sleeping event in Elana's nest.
· 2 images for sleeping events in the tavern room.
· 2 images for “urban” night events.
· 8 images for “rural” night events.
· 2 images for events in the farm.
· 2 images for events in the tavern.
· 3 images for events in the hot springs.
· 10 images for events in the beach.
· Training buttons now have tags.
· Except for the traning combat, wich is four, all training will be maxed when performed three times.
· Fixed bug that said you had the training maxed when it was not.
· Fixed some sound bug issues. 
· Now the button for acuatic supplies only apears when the skill is purchased.
· Now the acuatic supplies in the square gives 5 influence on all areas and it's not necessary to purchase it again but it will cost expirience too to perform.
· When you go to jail you don't lose the exp. points you earned in the area. 
· Now the las event of the academy sends Elana to jail.
· Now the potions and the books apear in the inventory.
· Now the health book give Elana more health in combat.
· There is no limit of number of winter potions to buy.
· The inventory now have two pages.
· The shovel in the barn can be picked up at night.
· Some items will disapear from the shop when bought.
· Now Elana's dresses apear in the inventory.
· The sigil that disapeared now it doens't.
· Now the items from the shop moves by "pages".
· Rala's text in the shop now works as a normal text.
· The event "Kaeryn excerces" doesn't apear if the skill to steal it's not purchased.
· Fixed some images for the observing events.
· Now bard's minigame can be skiped the first time it's performed.
· Now work with Tina or play with the bards work as a normal event, clicking on the ragdoll.
· Fixed night/day transition of the fury spirit event.
· Now when you finish the events of the academy door Elana enters to the academy directly.
· Some night events don't start until triggered sleeping in the nest.
· Now when spirit say it's late and Elana should go to sleep, when the destination is choosed Elana apears directly to the location.
· Now there is no black frame when clicking in locked areas at night and a pop-up apears to say it's closed.
· Fixed some night choice events.
· Now the effects of the night events work.
· Now when you wake up in the tavern the ragdolls apear as usual.
· Fixed some issues with ritual 3 and Lodred events.
· Now you lose one hour when you fight.
· Fixed some combat minor bugs.
· Fixed some tavern minor bugs.
· Steal now rise alarm (still needs some adjustment).
· Removed buttons from rituals.
· Added some sound for items and money. 

Known bugs:
· The floating numbers of the stats bars are incorrect.
· The button "drink" apear on some items in the inventory, like dresses but it only close the pop-up.
· The nimph event say Elana recover 80 points but actually recovers 100%.
· The action button animation can still freeze.
· If events with music are skiped some issue could apear.


Posted by knotgames - May 9th, 2016

One year since our first demo!

Posted by knotgames - March 5th, 2016

This month we are only going to upload the public relesase in our blog because most of the changes are only mechanics.

Here you can find the upgrades for 2.1.2 version for parons: 



And here the list for the 2.0 and the link to play: