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knotgames's News

Posted by knotgames - September 1st, 2015

·Some skip butons to other points of the intro.
·Options work now inside the game.
·New skill system (now the skills must be learned using xp points).
·Skills tree (new habilities will show while learning the previous ones).
·Some skills can be upgraded (for now just add more images or animations apearing ramdomly when using the skill. Does not improve what it does).
·A description of the skill will apear placing the mouse on the skill in the skill tree.
·Added animation with the plain villager and Elana and some images for the rumors skill.
·Added animation with the plain villager and Elana for loving touch skill.
·Added animation with the plain villager and Elana for surprise kiss skill.
·Added bad touch skill with an animation whit the plain villagers and Elana.
·When upgraded, the foreplay skill will show two more animations.
·Added magic wind skill.
·Added visions skill whit an animation of plain villagers and some images (same as rumors skill)
·Added spontaneus arousal skill with an animation of plain villagers and Elana.
·Minimum balancing between magic an phisic actons. Actions give more influence and magic give more xp (the final balance it will not be made until everything is on the table).
·When you enter an area auctomatically does an observing action.
·Added skip button for observing events.
·Added menus and mechanic sounds.
·Added blur option for backgrounds instead of darken.
·Added more events for the square, houses and farms (now every area except the castle, academy and the mountain has at least 12 events).
·Corrections on some text for events and actions.
·Added about 10 images for the observing events.
·Upgraded the balance between influence and what event shows when observin an area (again not definitive).
·Backgrownd for the houses and tabern added (and sketches for the rest of the areas)

There is a newer version for our patrons so some things are already upgraded or fixed.
Check our blog (+18) https://www.elanachampionoflust.blogspot.com for more info and images and our patreon (+18) https://www.patreon.com/elanachampionoflust
if you want to support us

Posted by knotgames - July 9th, 2015

Since the forum is not open yet for $5+ patreons we’ll start the voting on the patreon activity wall.


Elana will evolve two times during the game and her phyisical image will change, so all animations from the magical and physical actions of her from previous evolution stages will be useless.

So, do you want us to redo all animations with every evolution images, so the previous skills can be used in every evolution stage (with the huge amount of time that will suppose) or just do the new animations and images that Elana is suppose to learn during the current evolution stage?

Voting is open on the activy wall of our patreonhttps://www.patreon.com/elanachampionoflust until August 31.

Posted by knotgames - June 14th, 2015

We have been talking with the people from ListenToPo and they let us use their audios for the game :D

Check out their website for some awesome erotic audio (adults only):





Posted by knotgames - June 2nd, 2015

Well, this is more or less what we are planing to do as a structure of the game.

It’s not immovable (we are already changed things last month so...) but it will be a guide to us to follow.


1. Area: Every area will have its own events and singualar character events for each level.
2. Level: It will be 3 different levels with its own events although events from lower levels will have a chance to appear to add more possibilities.
3. Events: Events will have more or less chances to apper when Elana is observing the area dependig on wich point of it she is (experience).
4. Quest events: Some events will send Elana to a quest.
5. Bad events: Depending on the level when Elana fail to perform some actions bad events will be shown. Some of them will have consecuences but Elana could may fight some of them at some point.
6. Rituals: Each level will have a low ritual and a high ritual to recharge the magic points.
7. Physical action talents: Actions Elana will learn througt levels.
8. Magical actions: Powers and actions Elana will learn throught levels.
9. Subactions: Soma actions (like summon minions) will lead to some more actions.
10. Singular characters: every area will have a chance to show its own singular character to interact and a lower chance to show a secundary singular character (you will have 35% chance to find Rala in the forest but just 15% to find the twin bards for example).
11. Singular character actions: Singular characters will have its own physical and magical actions to perform with.
12. Singular character events: Also they will have its own events.
If you have any doubt, just ask, with a comment or an e-mail :)

Posted by knotgames - May 28th, 2015

We have just published our first alpha version for patrons and updatet our presentation here with the text revised and spanish language added. If you want to play this alpha don't  worry if you don't wan't or you can't support us on patreon, by supporting us you just get early access or  other specific rewerd (or helping us to make this project :P) but it will be a public free plublication of it eventually.

Alpha 0.8

·Text revised.
·Translated to spanish (until the tutorial).
·Added skip buttons for the intro and the tutorial.
·Level 1 physical actions (depending wich one you choose you have more ore less chances of success).
·Some level 1 observing events. There is 3 to 6 different events depending on the area, except for the mountain and    the chances to find one ore another changes with the influence level of the area (more or less every 30 influence  points the events will change until +60-70). It will cost some magic points.
·When you perform physical actions the influence of the are increases and you lose some energy.
·Rest button recharge energy.
·Ritual button recharge magic.
·Random villagers appears on some events (too random for now and just with 3/5 outfits).
·When you put the cusror over an are you'll see the your influence on it.


·We will change the sistem to perform actions on future upgrades when we'll have made the backgrounds of the  areas. First you will enter the area and then you'll choose the what to do. Also it will be some chances to find some  singular character there, in that case, an icon will apear and you'll can perform some special actions with him/her.
·Now when you fail some physical action only appears a fail text and you lose some energy. On future versions when  you fail to perform somthing it will appear some bad event.
·There is no debug codes yet. We'll add it soon with some hotfix.