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Interactions with characters in Chapter 3

Posted by knotgames - July 11th, 2019


Hello, everyone!

Again, sorry for being a little silent lately but we are still working hard ^^

Beside of the obvious struggles we already mentioned about starting everything from zero, new software to develop the game and such, this starting world it's been a little bit crazy to write and adjust but we can proudly announce that it's written and on track and that we also managed to include all 18 events events proposed from 5$+ tiers (some have minor changes though).

We told you chapter 3 is going to have a management part, with the sex academy, a point and click part to move forward through the worlds, getting more students and teachers for the academy and maybe some extra interactions with the characters but we decided to also keep an "influence system" to interact with the characters... Just in a more narrative way. It's important to farm lust in the a academy but also get your hands dirty in the field :)

In chapter 3, when going to interact with a character, usually and beside regular events, some options will appear. You'll be able to choose to talk, flirt, do a loving touch, kiss, do a dirty touch, play (sex) or, at some point, give objects or ask a favour to the character. Depending on how influenced the character is or how is the nature of the character, it will trigger an event with the main character interacting with the other character with good results or another event with bad results. Good results will increase the influence of the character and eventually allow to do other actions but bad results (basically for actions the character it's not ready to perform) could decrease the influence on them and even force to go back to less advanced actions in order to move forward on them.

We can't promise that all this interaction events are going to have images because, easily, there are 15-20 small interaction events for every character and, added to the regular events plus the academy images, it would mean thousands of images, but we plan to do at least 2-3 images for every character.

For long time we also been thinking about if we should change the facial expressions or not during the dialogues. In this chapter 3 most of the events will develop with the characters involved shown on the screen most of the time (like with singular characters in chapter 1 or 2), because of which we think it is important the facial expressions change but at the same time we know  it's a ton of work and coordination.

We finally decided to change the facial expressions but to relive the work and the time of coordination we have prepared a little system using a table with 512 facial expressions:


Every character is going to have certain number of eyebrows, eyes, mouths with their own code which will conform the facial expressions, also with their own codes. This way the writer of the event will just have to note what facial expression to use next to the texts and the coder will easily add the expression while implementing the texts. Also (at least for us) draw the facial parts separately  it's faster than draw, for example, 10 specific full facial expressions.

For those who would like to know more about how this interactions will work, here is an example of the text of a simple characters. You'll see there are sections, which are for the initial "greetings" and the answers for the different interactions (talk, touch, kiss...). You'll also see that, this awers are numbered (·1, ·2, · 3...). In a regular interaction the characters only have one or two answers, one if the character is already ready for the interaction when you first meet him/her which will be a good outcome, or two if the character is not ready in the first meeting in which case it have the event for the bad outcome and the good outcome for when he/she is ready for it. But in this particular case, this texts are for Mewy and Mewy works a little different. Since this cat girl is too afraid to interact with Jane until the hunter is with her, she have an extra answer for the interactions and, in her case all, answers 1, are her scared answers.

We know this is a lot of information and that it could be a little confusing, so, we'll happily answer any doubt you could have.

Hope you'll enjoy what we are preparing!

Example of a simple character:

Mewy (yellow cat-girl):

Starting Event :


Jane: This girl... Is she one of them?  One of the villagers from those rumors...? It is said that there had been some... Errors in the... cloning room... Errors on the security protocols that could have led to creating things like her...  Could she be one of these cases?... Or it could be this world that has affected this villager?

????: Fear...

Jane: She can talk... If she was one of the cases from the academy, it was said that they could not speak, despite being pretty smart... Sorry, what did you say?

????: Mewy fear...

Jane: Mewy? Is it that your name?

Narrator: The cat-girl nods.

Jane: What are you afraid of?

Mewy: Mewy fear you, Mewy fear anything but friends.

Narrator: The cat-girl looks at two other cat-girls who observe them carefully.

Jane: Why are you afraid? No one will hurt you. I will not hurt you.

Mewy: Mewy before only little fear. Mewy drinks river water and Mewy very afraid. Mewy so afraid cannot escape...

Jane: That water should be a manifestation of my sadness and fears... I'd be better if I don't touch it...

Mewy: Bring man who catches food. Man who catches food protects Mewy.

Jane: A hunter?

Narrator: The cat-girl nods.

Jane: You have nothing to fear, I can protect you.

Narrator: Jane reaches for Mewy. The cat-girl shrinks.

Mewy: Man who catches food...

Greeting event if you haven't find the hunter:

Mewy: Mewy fear... Mewy wants man who catches food...

Greeting event if you've found the hunter:

Mewy: Mewy feels better... Man who catches food here...

Narrator: The cat-girl smiles.



· 1 (if the hunter hasn't come yet)

Mewy: Fear, fear, fear, fear...

Jane: You don't need to be afraid... You're safe.

Mewy: Fear, fear, fear, fear...

· 2 (if the hunter has come).

Narrator: Mewy curls up next to Jane.

Mewy: Mewy sorry for being afraid of you. Mewy now knows that big booby woman is good.

Jane: Big booby woman? I have a name, you know?... My name is Jane...

Mewy: Big booby woman Jane is good.


· 1 (if the hunter hasn't come yet)

Narrator: Jane sits next to Mewy. This starts shaking terrified.

Jane: What beautiful legs you've got. Can I see them?

Narrator: Mewy slowly raises a paw, but when Jane is about to grab her, the cat-girl scratches her.

Jane: Ouch!

Narrator: The cat-girl curls up again.

Mewy: Fear, fear, fear, fear!

· 2  (if the hunter has come)

Jane: Now that you're not afraid, I can see how graceful and beautiful you are.

Narrator: Mewy wiggles and turns, curling up, and then standing for a while, proudly displaying herself. On her face, there's a shy smile.

Affective contact:

· 1 (if the hunter hasn't come yet)

Narrator: Jane tries to pet Mewy but this shrinks in response.

Mewy: Fear, fear, fear, fear!

· 2  (if the hunter has come)

Narrator: Jane pets Mewy's cheek and this presses against Jane's hand. The cat girl sways her head, again and again, to rub against Jane's hand, almost giving headbutts and slowly guiding the Supreme Sister's hand until she pets her behind the ear.

Narrator: Mewy rolls her eyes back and purrs loudly as a panther.


· 1  (if the hunter hasn't come yet)

Narrator: Jane tries to kiss Mewy on her forehead and this is steps aside with an exaggerated movement, opening her eyes wide.

Mewy: Fear, fear, fear, fear!

· 2 (if the hunter has come; wrong time)  

Narrator: Jane gives Mewy a peck on her lips. Then she steps back and sees that Mewy stares at her puzzled. The cat-girl gets closer to the Supreme Sister, sniffing her for a while, finally, she licks her at the tip of the nose.

Narrator: Mewy makes a strange grimace, sneezes, and waddles away. Jane is not sure what to think about that.

· 3 (if the hunter has come; right time)

Narrator: Jane leans to give a fleeting kiss to Mewy. As she steps back, she notices that the cat-girl is watching her with predatory eyes.

Narrator: Mewy pounces on Jane and kisses her passionately. The cat-girl inspires deeply while holding hard Jane's cheeks.


· 1 (if the hunter hasn't come yet)

Jane: I will not even try that until she calms down a bit...

Mewy: Fear, fear, fear, fear!

Jane: But, I've done nooooothiiiiing...

· 2 (if the hunter has come; wrong time)

Narrator: Jane tries to pet Mewy, but this bends her body in an almost impossible way, dodging the former Supreme Sister and waddling away, ignoring her as if she was not even there.

· 3  (if the hunter has come; right time)  

Narrator: Mewy approaches Jane purring and rubbing against her as if asking for some petting. Jane responds and Mewy rubs against her even harder until the cat-girl ends up rubbing hard her boobs against the former Supreme Sister's and masturbating, rubbing her knee against Jane's crotch.


· 1 (if the hunter hasn't come yet)

Jane: I will not even try that until she calms down a bit ...

Mewy: Fear, fear, fear, fear!

Jane: But, I've done noooothiiiing...

· 2  (if the hunter has come; wrong time)

Narrator: Jane approaches Mewy to propose her something, but this steps away with a strange face.

Mewy: I smell you... You want weird things... No... Mewy not sure...

Narrator: Mewy stares at Jane quizzically, the cat-girl seems to ruminate for a while. Finally, she makes some sort of frustrated mewing and walks away.

· 3  (if the hunter has come; right time)

Narrator: Jane approaches Mewt to propose her something but this comes forward with a scorching hot smile.

Mewy: Mewy smell what you want and Mewy want you happy.

Narrator: Without letting Jane speak a word, Mewy invites her to lie down next to her, then Mewy kneels in front of Jane and starts licking her crotch while she masturbates.

Mewy: Hm... Mmmm... Ah... Mmmmh...! Mmm... You happy?

Jane: Ah...!  Ah... Yes... Oh... Yeah... Me happy...

Ask something:

· 1 Jane: I can't think of anything I could ask her...

Give something:

· 1 Jane: I don't think she wants any of my stuff. 





Comments (2)

Hi guys i have read your post and Im already excited I really think adding this influece system on top of the academy was a right idea but i have some questions as usual
Will the player be able to switch between jane and elana or will it be first one and the other

In the first 2 games there was sort of a logical order to influence will there be anything similar also will there be achivements

Thanks for your answers also have u checked out elana champion of lust unoffical subreddit on reddit mods there told they will gladly give mod status to you guys

Hi! Glad you like how we are planning chapter 3.

For now we'll say that you'll be able to use more than one character on chapter 3.

Chapter 3 will also have some logical order since you'll have unlock worlds to move forward and to unlock some worlds, first you'll have to complete other worlds.

About the subreddit, we just found one with just some links.

@omuz3030 @knotgames for now subreddit is not quite full but I think its still worth a try because it will make it easier for us to communicate with you also are you planning to post the first public release of chapter 3 I have seen the new tentacle girl and jane art and wondering if jane is the new champion of lust also please post more posts and art