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Alpha 1.5.5 of Chapter 3 (Windows version) available for patrons

Posted by knotgames - December 27th, 2019


Dystopia world is here! With all the content except the final minigame that closes the event and maybe one or two extra images left. We had our troubles here and there, but this world it's been way smother to make than the starting world and we expect to only go better from here.

Our plan for future versions (based on how much time took us to make dystopia) is, while Root prepares the material for a new world (texts, images...), Knot and Berserk will be adding features like the quest log, inventory, academy... and polishing the parts already added.

After the material are ready, specially after the texts and avatars are done, Knot and Berserk will assemble the world, while Root will work on images for the academy, events of the academy's people on free time and such. This way we think we can start a dynamic schedule of releases based on features and academy on one month, and a complete new world on the next one until the completion of the chapter.

Sadly we had troubles with the browser and Android version and we have not been able to fix it for this release but it will be the first we'll do when we'll come back on January.

More or less this this is it! Now we'll have some rest days but we'll still be around here. We'll be officially back on  Monday 6 but we'll probably post a poll for what world should be do next, post one or two exclusive animations and keep an eye here to answer your comments and doubts.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


·  Added 14 New characters (2 of them are double) with their own rag dolls and avatar with facial expression for the Dystopia world.

· Added 61 Images (15 character Avatars, 14 Characters ragdolls, 32 Events).

· Added 3 Animations.

· Added around 175 new events. (+20.000 words that equals 60-80 book pages approx.).

· Added titles above the rag dolls of the characters with their name. The titles are shown when pressing Alt or by pointing them with the mouse.

· Background music adjusted. (Only two main themes now, more themes will be added in the future)

· Sound volume error when running the game fixed.

· Pathfinder mechanics (when Jane/Elana rag doll’s move across the areas) improved to adjust better to the background.

· Zone Camera adjusted (Player point view)

· Smooth transitions through the areas (now it fades in black from one to another). · · ·

· Background Blur when interacting with the characters.



 + The world of dystopia can be completed until the last character from the palace. Still, the last event can be started, but the final mini-game and the closure of the world will be fully implemented in the next release together with the new content.

 + Ailyn starting event when she asks Elana to do 3 quests, related to Doh’ly, Farms and Trate, two of them (Doh’ly and Farms) won’t disappear from the event despite you’ve completed them, still, once you’ve completed the three quests (and therefore, the whole event), the character will progress as intended and the event will be closed.

+We've fixed some minor issues of the first world, but there are some others (not really impactful on the game) that we have in mind to fix on the upcoming releases.

+When seeing a fade in black or a large "cinematic" event, try to not click on the screen, because that still gives the command to walk to Elana's rag doll and makes her move, despite the map routes are not established, making Elana walk out of the roads and turning the fairy into a silly astronaut of the endless clouds.