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Alpha 2.3 of Chapter 3. Mechanics release for patrons.

Posted by knotgames - August 6th, 2020


A quicker release this time with the "boring" stuff that has to be done but still with some content to find.

We were hesitating about if we wanted to delay the release a week or so to add some "after world" events with some story and mechanics but, since it could take longer than we want, we finally decided to leave it to be added along with next world release and, for once, have an "easy" quick release after all the time that took us to prepare the excess world version.

Usually when we do a mechanics release we don't prepare all versions (browser, android...) but, this time, since last version of android didn't worked well with all devices we decided to make all of them (browser version still doesn't load, which could be because it is not properly loaded in the server or for another problem. if it doesn't loads during the weekend, we'll check what could be happening).

As you may know, we've been also preparing work for next world release with the world show towns, which we think it will be ready in a month or a month and a week.

Also this weekend we'll publish the rest of the Lunch sketches we promised, the results of the animation poll, a character poll and maybe even a new exclusive animation.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


· Added sounds to several images.

· Added character "greeting" sounds, volume has been adjusted.

· Academy tutorial place-holder images switched to in-game images.

· Assets pre-loading splitted to optimize game performance (This should fix the problems some players had in the android version with the game crashing before even starting. We have checked it with devices that had problems before and know works fine).

· Added the inventory.

· Added pop-ups for when an item is collected and the images of the already implemented items.

· Increased walking speed a little.

· Added a minimap which allows quick travel once the worlds have been discovered (in future this will need to be unlocked but now it is a feature since the beginning).

· Added the tutorial on the first world, guiding the player through the characters and their needs to make the first world less confusing and give a better explanation to the new player about what is happening).

· Fixed a bug where Ailyn (Dystopia) tasks would always end with the line "I'm working on it." Also, the tasks options will disappear once you've completed them.

· Added Scylla and Leela as teachers and Candy and Excess as classes for the academy (once you have completed their worlds).

· Added 15 images for basic lessons of the academy.

· Added 101 sketches for the rest of the lessons of the academy (very rough sketches but at least showing a little what is happening).

Known bugs (among many other small ones, but we always appreciate any bug report):

· While you are in the inventory screen you can still click the menu button of the menu which unlocks the background and could lead to errors. Seems pretty stable but still could lead crashing errors if you start clicking on the menu buttons or elements of the area while the inventory screen is open.

· Images of the academy aren't still properly implemented.

· Jane's world tutorial messages could be misplaced in particular places and also some names could not be the ones shown in the game (ex: Xa'l Astre could appear as "dragona" or things like this.





Comments (1)

Is Hannah going to be included in the final version of chapter 3? She's my favorite minor character

She will but in the latest world of the chapter. We have to still develop two more world and then it will depend on the results of the polls in our patreon but she is already chosen to be part of the game :)