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Alpha 2.7.2 of Chapter 3 for patrons (with utopia world) and Alpha 2.5 public release (with Show towns worlds and the combat)

Posted by knotgames - March 4th, 2021


 Alpha 2.5 has been publicly released! This time including Android version!

Main updates are the addition of the combat (with 60 animations) and Show Towns world. 

Remember! While the game is in alpha you can skip first world with the button in the codes menu and the access to all the new worlds will appear with green arrows there. You can also activate the combat by entering and exiting the academy.  You can find the full list of updates and known bugs here:



And alpha 2.7.2 for patrons!


Welcome to Utopia, where everything is possible and everyone's wishes come true! Almost everyone's...


· Adjusted the options menus to try to fix the resolutions problems (until we'll finish the game we'll be messing a little with resolutions. In case it gives problems, enabling and disabling window version in the options menu should fix it).

· Updated gallery (including some events missing from previous versions. Combat is still missing).

· Fixed a combat bug which didn't selected well the first enemy (we still have to implement changes from the Arena minigame).

· Started a change of the reaction of the character when they are influenced (The bubble with the naked character will disappear for a change over the avatar itself, but it is not implemented on all characters).

· Now the images of the teachers appear in their management menu.

· Added a load screen for the gallery.

· Now after finishing and exiting Dystopia, Ditty will appear, explaining new challenges to face (not implemented yet) and giving Elana and Jane a device to communicate.

· Now after receiving the device to communicate with Jane, you can call her through the inventory to talk to her, about the students, the academy and other things. After completing new worlds the possible conversations will increase, regarding new students and teachers. Right now it only haves an immersion purpose but, in the finished game, it will also be a way to notify the player events that will need to be attended.

· Added Utopia world with 15 new avatars, 14 ragdolls, 3 backgrounds, 33 image events, 4 animations and 1 minigame. Right now you can access the world through the love area in Jane's world

· Small bug fixes.

Known bugs and notes:

· First time you enter Utopia's dome, an event will appear and, after it, Elana will appear outside of it. You should be able to go inside without problems after it.

· If you use the keyword to answer dialogue options, the game could select an incorrect answer.

· Utopia has no sound yet.

· Some texts fore the lessons are still not implemented or are not correct.

· Some students can appear in a classroom where there is no lesson at that time.

· Hanna's ragdoll is a little difficult to click in the event to get her for the combat.

· Even if you start a new game the characters will still keep their level for the combat.

· Thea change resolution tool doesn't work well and touch it can misalign the elements of the game.

· The third level of Spirit's sex sense skill only activates when you select him instead of at the beginning of the combat.

· Many adjustments for the faces of the dialogue needs to be done.

· If you skip jane's world the arrow to go to the sadness area from the love area, doesn't appear.

· The rooster who sings to announce the change of the day, sings whenever he wants.





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