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Alpha 2.8 of chapter 3 Mechanics (including 118 new images for the academy)

Posted by knotgames - April 26th, 2021


 A new mechanics release! This time some of the work Knot has been doing will not be reflected in the release since some weeks have been dedicated on work on the implementation of the new version of the combat for android and browser and it is still causing some problems. Even so, beside all the new art, the version still have some interesting updates.

Work plan after this release:

Root is already working on next multiworld (soon influenced guards tier and above will see the making of with the sketches for the characters to come). While writing the new world and preparing the designs of the characters and backgrounds, we'll divide the work on do some animations for the teachers in the academy.

Meanwhile, Knot will divide his work on finishing to fix the browser and android problems, with keep working on mechanics and even start to add some side quests and events for the completed world.

Once written the multi world with the avatars for the characters completed, we'll both jump on work on it.

Now the upgrades of the version! Hope you'll enjoy it!


· Finished and polished the new way to show when a character is leveled up/influenced. Instead of a bubble with the character, now changes the avatar itself. They also have a bad responses when they don't level up (which we'll have to adjust a little because sometimes the character can be telling he/she is very happy and not level up and still show a bad response). Both responses have sound.

· Implemented a floating text to keep better track of what is happening in the academy. Right now shows when the teachers level up their skills for the subjects and when "wandering" enemies enters a new area.

· Implemented "wandering" enemies. Those enemies will appear in the different worlds and walks towards the academy. Right now if they manage to arrive to the academy they will steal 200 lust power points but in the future the consequences will probably change. They also can be spotted in the map and will provisionally appear with the old icons of the peace guard. To differentiate them from the other enemies, right now the static enemies appear tinted with red color. 

· Implemented the adjusts of the combat from the ARENA version to the main game for both, menus/tutorials and game.

· Added Aly and Lily as teachers to the academy.

· Added Show Towns as students to the academy.

· Added Excess as students to the academy.

· Now you gain 100 points of lust power when you complete a character (wasn't fully implemented) and 10 points of lust power for every enemy defeated (Once in beta stage we'll probably adjust it).

· Added 118 images to the classes of the academy. Now every group of students and every teacher have an image for every subject. Images also implemented in the gallery.

· Now Utopia closes correctly when it is completed.

· Fixed a bug from the telefone which made the game crash when Jane talked about Ailyn.

· Fixed a layer issue with the Lashy and Lodre's events.

· Fixed a bug in the academy that made the event shown not match with the ragdolls in the classroom.

· Fixed a bug from multiple options for the ask button of Deepthroat.

· Fixed a bug of Spirit's face on Excess world.

· Fixed a bug that removed Lubly's clothes.

· Fixed a sound bug in Dystopia with Nemea and Demi.

· Fixed other minor bugs like the previously mentioned and typos.

· Added a new debug code to unlock everything from the combat, the academy and complete all worlds. Link

Known bugs:

· Elana freezed at the same time a floating text appeared while we were rapidly clicking the button to wait of the academy. It could be because of the button or because of the text but, in any case, if it happens to you she unfreezes if you click the menu button.

· Hanna have "hannaacademia" name when in the academy.

· Demi influences doesn't match with her current level.

· In the excess world the influence of the world doesn't fill the bar.

· The layers of the images of christie in combat must be rearranged.

· The titles of the pills in Leela's minigame needs to be fixed to fit.

· The name in of the governess over her ragdoll always appears in spanish.

· The professor's menu must be polished and filled.






pls do not post nsfw art in a news post, because it appears at the starting page, and maybe people, that are younger than 18 years, see it. I think they said it also in the posting rules, but nobody read these...
Thanks for reading. Hope you will do it next time right :)

Well, we thought we thought it was censored enough but we don't have problem on increase the censorship as we just did :)

When the update will be available?

Public version will be out in a month or two (when we'll have ready next version for patrons).