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Rough roadmap for chapter 2

Posted by knotgames - November 10th, 2016



· Slide intro
· Intro like a singular character event (like on chapter 1).

On this chapter the plot will focus on the division of the church of Stallos. Since the king has changed and the archmage is mad, nor the guards or the mages will attack Elana now (the prison and the night events of the guard will keep the same line since the king and the queen doesn't really care much about the village right now), but the church will create some kind of the special forces to fight Elana but not in the same way of chapter 1.
Now when you'll enter an area it will be a possibility to find this special forces there and Elana will be not able to perform any action there. She'll have two options, beat them to perform the actions or wait some hours until they leave.


After the initial impact of Elana's actions the villagers have thought and somehow fill ashamed for their behaviour and Elana's mission will take a step back. On the other hand the villagers have started developing preferences and sensitivities so the way to influence will change.
Every area will have 10-20 villagers who will appear in precise hours of the day (For example: Laura, Lio, Arol and Inno will appear in the market from 10 am. to 14 pm.) and every villager will have 4 levels:

0 : The villager will refuse to participate on Elana's regular actions. Elana will have to perform certain amount of soft actions until the villager is “unlocked” and allows Elana perform regular actions (some of the villagers will skip this level).
1 : The villager will allow actions from level 1
2 : The villager will allow actions from level 2
3 : The villager will allow actions from level 3
Each one of this levels will have a bar to fill to make the villager level up.
The villagers will also have three base states:

1 : Neutral: Doesn't prefer magic or physical
2 : Favorable magic: Prefer magic and doesn't like physical.
3 : Favorable physical: Prefer physical and doesn't like magic.
They also will have preferences. Every action will be stronger or weaker but the result of the action will have a bonus or a penalty depending on the preferences of the villager. This preferences could be known by observing the reaction of the villager to the action or by purchasing a magic skill to scan the villagers to know their preferences.
On this chapter Elana will not fight to increase her influence but to make grow the faction of the church who supports her.


Elana will have to get used to her new power and body so she will have to learn again most of their skills. This skills will have to be upgraded to perform actions transformed and have more powerful effect.


Actions of level 0:
· Conversation
· Loving touch
Actions of level 1:
· Rumours --> Dirty advances
· Kiss --> sloppy kiss
· Sexy dance --> Lap dance
· Bad touch --> Rain of thousand hands
· Masturbation (show) --> Masturbation (show encouragement)
Actions of level 2:
· handjob/fingering --> Jerk off fingering level 2
· Oral --> Oral lvl 2
· Titjob/dildo --> Titjob/dildo lvl 2
· Footjob --> Footjob lvl2
· Villager takes the initiative.
Actions of level 3:
· Fuck/scissors --> Fuck/Scissors lvl 2
· Anal (strapon with woman) --> Anal (strapon with woman) lvl 2
· Fuck (the villager takes the initiative. Strapon with woman)--> lvl 2
· Strapon foreplay (woman)


Actions of lvl 0:
· Scan
· Heat
Actions of level 1:
· Spiritual form lvl 1
· Magic wind lvl 1
Actions of level 2:
· Spiritual form lvl 2
· Magic wind lvl 2
· Visions --> Powerful visions
Actions of level 3:
· Spiritual form lvl 3
· Spontaneous arousal --> Powerful spontaneous arousal
· Electro arousal (only transformed)
More or less like the chapter 1 but taking a step back and end reaching more “advanced” situations.


More or less 6 new events for each one of them (one could have 12 and one 3).
Some of them will reach the status of “friends” and Elana will be able to training them (spending xp points with images or animations) until they convince them to perform actions with her and eventually fight with her.
The events will work the same way they do on chapter one but it will be the possibility of collect magic ingredients and hunt spirits/entities (explained after).



· Female elves town: Combination of observing events and quest events.
· Male elves town: Combination of observing events and quest events.
· Path to forbidden area: Probably not accessible.
This areas will probably have some subareas.


· Savage people area: Combination of observing events and quest events.
· Renegades camp/town: Where the expelled villagers live.
· Sub areas of the renegade camp:
· Commander area: Area with the leaders of the renegades
· Black market: Elana will be able some rare items here.
· Arena: Zone with combat sequences.
· War zone: Where the renegades are in war with the demons. Zone with combat sequences.
· Demonic portal: Where the demons come from. Probably with a dungeon to explore.


Merfolks town: Combination of observing events and quest events.
Ship graveyard: Combination of observing events and quest events.


· Fairy village: Combination of observing events and quest events.

· Catacombs: Combination of observing events and quest events. Place to train spiritual form.
· Church room: Combination of observing events and quest events. First headquarters of the church faction who follows Elana.
· Training zone: Were Elana will learn violent attacks.
· Archives: To learn lore of the island.
· Lab: To create potions and objects.
· Clone room: To create spirits and maybe body modifications.
· Tower of the academy: To start events of Scylla.


Possibility to find 12 ingredients to create 65 potions/objects.
Will be needed and object from the black market to find them.


With the same object to find the ingredients Elana will be able to find entities at night, to fight and catch their essence. With this essence Elana will be able concentrate the spirits on the clone room and use their powers for fights, actions, quests...
Could appear some entities or spirits like: fury, happiness, envy, laziness, dreams, pride, shadow fairies, lady of the shadows, ghosts, war, death, plague, hunger...


Maybe we'll add a collecting card game with no relevance on the development of the game. This game will be like the combats, regular game but moved to a sexual ground


Sounds great. :)

Your work is the best

Looking forwarded to it

Could we have a rough estimate of when the game will be public, and I like the sound of chapter 2

First public release, probably January, but fully released... a year and a half or so

Been following your work from the beginning and always looking forward to the next installment! Just my two cents. I feel like I put a lot of hard work into Elana's transformation and was disappointed it looks like it won't be permanent in Chapter 2. Chapter 2 will look phenomenal either way, but Elana worked hard for her body! :)

Thanks! And don't worry she will be able to change at will ^^