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Chapter 2 Alpha 0.92 for patrons/ Alpha 0.7 public release

Posted by knotgames - April 3rd, 2017

5378138_149124790383_capaleracolaixav.jpgThis month because of the tutorials explanations or updates are not finished enough on the version we are not going to publish on newgrouds. However you can find a new public release on our blog: elanachampionoflust.blogspot.com or a newer one being a patron of us on https://www.patreon.com/elanachampionoflust

Here are the updates for both versions:

Alpha 0.9.2


· Fixed some typos.

· Fixed bug from Nurik who always repeats his initial event.

· Added villagers to the church.

· Removed visual glitch on the villagers of the intro.

· Now villagers don't hate and love blowjobs at the same time.

· Now you have a pick pocket  minigame to get some money but it needs a tutorial and proper interface. (To do the minigame click on the "start" square and move the pointer through the line to the other square without touching the border. If you touch the border, you'll lose influence with the villager).

· Now when you perform actions with the villagers, if you hit on the green spot on the bar minigame, you'll earn 1 point of Max. magic or Max. energy to a maximum of 300.

· Added a help text when Elana is trying to perform an action to advanced for the villager.

· As you influence a villager the green part of the bar minigame will get bigger.

· Fixed a bug that made  villagers have some random properties.

· Added "fuck" action for with male characters (1 animation per Elana form).

· Added descriptions of the skills on the skills tree.

· Added pop-ups when you buy the skill tree.

· Now the skills have different costs to purchase.

· Chained observing events now work as chained observing events of chapter 1.

· Now, when you are going to perform an action, you'll find an eye button to see the information you've got about the villager.

· Added  a text on the intro explaining how Elana obtained her new notebook to write the info of the villagers.

· Changed interface of the notebook and added the option to check if the villager prefers one Elana or another.

· Added inventory (right click to "use" object and left click to move but the only object you can "use" now is the notebook).

· Added ritual 1 (Performed on the nest like chapter one. You'll find the button of  ritual 2 but doesn't do nothing yet).

· Added 5 Rala events (with 6 images)

· Once you finish Rala's events you can go again to her shop and now you can buy and sell items. This part still have some glitches  but you can buy or sell items dragging them to one part or the other or making a double click on the items.

· When you go to Rala's shop you can also train her (4 images appearing at random but no costs or effects yet. Not explanations either).

· At Rala's shop you'll see the option to give her a gift but it's not implemented yet. In future the affection from Rala to Elana will increase with this options and will allow to perform more trainings.

· Added 2 Scylla events (starting in the academy) with 2 images.

· Now you can buy some special objects, Amulet of  spectral vision and ethereal jars, which will allow Elana to see and gather  spiritual ingredients and spirit essences during nights. The amulet will be needed to see the items and the jars to collect the essences of spirits. The jars can only contain, each one, one type of spirit essences. Nothing to do yet with this and still a lots of names, pop-ups and explanations to add in game.

Alpha 0.7 Updates:


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