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 Beta is finally here! This one took a chunk of our sanity pool but we can proudly say that the story of Elana, Champion of Lust, is now fully playable.

In this version all functions meant to be in the game are included and, after it, only some images of the academy, some sounds, adjust the image quality for the different versions and some polish/balance is left to be fully completed ^^

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Beta updates:

· Note: Even if now you have to go completing the worlds and purchasing the bridges to move forward, you can still use the button in the codes menu to skip Jane's world.

· Added transitions to black to smooth the beginnings of the events.

· Now when a character closes an event which should make Elana or Jane leave, the actions menu (bubbles) is not opened before it.

· Added an skip button in the intro instead of "clicking on the screen to skip" to avoid skipping it by mistake.

· Deleted the page to purchase new subjects for the academy (now the teachers learn to do the new subjects and some are unlocked during the development of the game).

· Added a section with some info and group pictures of the groups of students in the teachers room.

· Now Elana doesn't start with the phone and the map, she gets them in events after Dystopia.

· Now the game does auto saves, and you can load the auto-saved file or your own saves.

· Added icons (placeholders) in the combat that marks the counters of time from different effects over the avatars (damage boost, poison...).

· Added possible phone answers for the students of Utopia and Kingdoms, when Elana calls Jane asking for the students.

· Now you can (and you have to) purchase the bridges to reach new worlds in Jane's office and the bridges between worlds require another world close to it to be purchased. In the case of Kingdoms it requires two worlds close to it. Now this bridges are free but in the next version they will have a cost of Lust power.

· Now the access to Dystopia appears through the love area of Jane's world.

· Changed the tutorial for the academy to match the final functioning of the academy.

· Now the teachers can level up their skill with the subjects to certain level. Each time they teach a lesson they will increase by 1 the lust power earned with that subject.

· Each teacher can reach "level 3" with 3 subjects. At that point they will show an animation instead of an image when they teach that lesson.

· Every teacher haves a level of stamina when you get it for the academy which means the amount of lessons they can teach every day. Every 12 lessons they teach, they earn another point of stamina.

· The groups of students also level up their level on the subject, increasing by 1 the production of Lust power every time they do the lesson.

· Every new world, group of students/teachers and every building haves a daily cost of Lust power (some of this was implemented in earlier versions).

· Added the possibility to purchase a canteen for the academy, which will show some events with spirits and students and will increase by 5 the production of Lust power of every lesson.

· Added the possibility to purchase a gym for the academy, which will show some events with spirits and students and will increase by 5 the production of Lust power of every lesson.

· Added Jenara and Cliff as teachers.

· Added Rala as a teacher.

· Added Kaeryn as a teacher.

· Added Richard and Aroliana as Teachers.

· Added Utopia as a group of students.

· Added Kingdoms as a group of students. The group should be named Moonstrucks but because of a bug it is Kingdoms until we'll fix it.

· Added Night fort as a group of students.

· Now the wandering enemies pile up when they reach the academy and every group steals 200 points of lust power every day until you defeat them.

· Now Jane calls Elana to warn her every time an enemy reaches the academy (when they are wandering you can see them in the map with a place holder icon).

· After completing Candy world, if you go to the academy, Jin will provide some magic jelly beans, unlocking the possibility for the teachers to learn some subjects.

· Now, during the free time of the students, a lot of them will appear in the academy, some talking about stuff happening in the academy but some talking about the new student coming from the worlds completed (this are text events but there are dozens of them)

· Added 13 chains of events with about 50 events, that will appear around the worlds completed.

· Now completing a character in the worlds gives 100 points of Lust power (this feature was implemented before but, since we changed it during the development we leave it here as a note of how it works now)

· Added the Last world with 5 new avatars and multiple ragdolls. It can be unlocked after completing Kingdoms.

· Added a combat minigame for the Last world.

· Added the ending after the Last world

· Now Pride gives you the fast travel map when you enter the academy after completing Dystopia.

· Now Ditty gives you the telephone after completing Dystopia.

· Now Dity appears every 5 days asking for a Lust power toll (right now 2000 points of Lust power.

· Increased the walking speed of the character.

· Added some events in Jane's office.

· Now, after completing the worlds, Jane will call Elana to comment about the situation.

· Added about 36 sexy time animations, 9 for the Last world and 27 for the teachers when they reach level 3 in a subject (some of this 27 could have appeared in a previous version but not most of them. Every teacher haves 3).

· Added about 35 "cinematic" animation loops for the events of the Last world.

· Added about 100 images (About 27 for the chains of events around the worlds, 17 for Utopia lessons, 17 for Richard and Aroliana Lessons, 4 for Kaeryn lessons, 1 for Rala lessons, 1 for Jenara lesson, 18 for the canteen, 6 for the spirits of the gym (the images of students in the gym are still on the making), 5 for Jane's office and 8 for Last world)

· Added sound for some animations of Kingdoms.

· Fixed an aesthetic glitch at the exterior of the academy.

· Fixed a bug which made difficult to click on the arrows when Elana was close to them.

· Fixed a bug which made appear students without teacher in the classrooms as well as another showing a teacher when there was no lesson in the room.

· Fixed a bug which made the Governess crash the game sometimes.

· Fixed some bugs with the phone calls (here, specially with the random answers from Jane about the students, there is still a chance some bug could appear).

· Fixed a bug which caused changes in the management panel of the lessons.

· Now the combat stats and configuration is not maintained when you start a new game.

· Gallery updated.

Alpha 3.0 public release


Here you can find the list of updates of the version: https://elanachampionoflust.blogspot.com/2021/07/alpha-3-of-chapter-3-kingdoms-world.html

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