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Beta 1 of chapter 2 for patrons

Posted by knotgames - December 21st, 2018

Beta! The development of this chapter it's been longer than we expected/wanted and of course there are still side images and polishing to do but, beside of a couple of exceptions, it can be fully played and finished ^^

This version comes with a big bunch of story and, the final plot for the chapter 2, is linked to what's coming for chapter 3.

From the development team, we hope that you'll enjoy this last part of Chapter 2, and if you've been following the clues related to what has been going on since the intro from Chapter 1, you'll get some answers (but you'll also get these feeling that for every question answered, there are some more to discover).

As always, but specially on this one, we would love to know your thoughts and comments (if it's not with a private message please avoid spoilers).

Happy holidays! (We'll still be doing some posts or a hot fix if needed, as well as upload the exclusive images, and probably an a exclusive sketch comic).

· Fixed the bug of the mayor of the demons area.
· Fixed some bugs with the events of the under the sea area.
· Now the priest heal their partners again.
· Fixed a bug that could made the game freeze the game during fights.
· Fixed a bug that could made the game freeze the game in some cases when summoning a spirit during fights.
· Now the potions restore more points.
· Now the special attack of the bards restores energy again.

· Added the boss Adot. After influencing all areas and completing all events from Jane,   Adot will appear in the village and Elana will have to defeat him. It has 6 images, 5 combat animations and 1 regular animation. This is a really though boss but it can be defeated using the right attacks at the right time. This time Elana will talk during the fight and giving hints about what it could be a good way to proceed.

· After defeating Adot an sequence and an event will be triggered and everything on the island will change, so, if you want to explore or do some more side events, be sure to do them before facing Adot. After this event, another confrontation will appear in the church (a minigame). Elana will need to win this confrontation to try to return the island to normality.

· Completing the minigame will lead to an event with 4 images and one animation that, at the same time will lead to an ending sequence of  5-6 minutes.

· Added 15 events with their images from the event polls (some more are already prepared, about 12 more, and there are actually only four images left to finish from this events, but due to the in-game requirements and/or their stories, they are mostly going to be included in next beta versions, and some in the chapter 3).
- 3 events in the elven city triggered after Karyn's chain of events.·
- 1 event in the houses during night, triggered after the previous
- 3 events in the elven city.
- 2 events in the beach, triggered after Loola's chain of events.
- 1 event in the houses during night, triggered after Loola's chain of events.
- 1 event for the random dreams, triggered by the nimph during night (now, all the dreams have their own text)
- 4 events in the tavern during night.
- 1 event in the houses during night.
- 1 event in the farm. - 1 event in the castle.
· Gallery updated.

· In this version it is not possible to load old saves but in the future versions it should be no problem to load through versions.

Known bugs:
· Hulbert can give problems if you defeat both of his minions with an AOE at the same time.
· There is a bug with the door of the warehouse (renegade's black market) that can freeze the game. It doesn't happens always because it's dragged from some other place.
· Sometimes the events of the caoticus anonymous could not advance (this chain of events usually advances through a day passing). If this happens, the chain of event will continue if you purchase the first update of the tavern.
· When you go to the war camp the first time (when you see the innkeeper with Cliff), the event repeats itself until you go to sleep. You have to watch it again next day and return next day to be able to go into the renegades camp.
· Some ambient musics must be adapted to the events. Still, this doesn't bug or crash the game.