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Beta 1.6 of chapter 2 for patrons

Posted by knotgames - February 15th, 2019


Hopefully the last one before the final version! We think it will be released during mid/late March because of the time it will take to finish the images left. Even so we expect Knot will be able to begin to work on chapter 3 before that.

Until that final version, we'll do an explanation about how will work the academy of lust for chapter 3 and we'll open again the polls for tiers 5$+ to decide the characters and the events that will appear in the new worlds (we'll do a proper explanation of everything soon). 

In this version of chapter 2 you'll find most of the images for the main areas (forest, farms, tavern, square, market, church, academy and houses) for the day and night events but sadly there are still some events without image. We add a list of the events without images so they can be avoided if there is no interest in find the event without the image.

Events without image in the main areas:

· A couple of guards events (night, urban outdoor areas)

· First event of the chain of events of Alaina and the spirit of envy (night, forest). 

· Mouse guy 1 (day, academy).

· Mouse guy 2 (day, academy).

· Dance 1 (day, castle). 

· Dance 2 (day, castle). 

· Governess 1 (day, castle). 

· Nobles dinner 1 (day, castle).

· Nobles dinner 2 (day, castle).

Also in this version, you should be able to load old saves BUT some of the content could already be played in the save so, it could not be watched and there are small chances of bugs because of it.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


· Added and fixed some sounds.

· Fixed pop-ups for the management of the followers of Elana.

· Fixed bug at the end of the intro.

· Fixed bug that made restart the chain of events of Kaeryn and now her chain can be finished (included the events from the polls that should had appeared in the previous version).

· Fixed a bug that made the game break when some attacks with effects like stun were used on Hulbert while he had his protection bubble.

· Text revised in the main areas during day and night except for the church (if you find any error or typo and you want to tell us we'll be happy to fix it).

· Changed menus interface. Now you access the menus through a button in the top right of the screen. Main changes:

 - Now in Elana's section you can change between day and night and not just night like 


 - Inventory increased and divided between regular items and quest items. There is a little 

  arrow in the sides of the screen to change between them but it's not the final version. 

  We are still working in the looks and the functionalities of this part. Also in the 

  quest items section, now you can see a button with all the essences of the spirits and 

  know you'll just need one bottle to collect them. Also when you watch the details of the 

  items in both sections, you'll see a button with the word "accio." This is only because it 

  is under construction and it only closes the pop-up of the details.

 - Combat section added. There you can see the combat stats and change the positions of 

   the spirits for the combats.

 - In the spirits section you'll see the spirits you have and if you click on them you'll see 

  their main image, their stats and a button to heal them using one of their essences (we 

  still have to add information and functionalities in this section).

· Added the images for the attacks of the spirit of wisdom and hunger, the image for the times Elana regenerates her stamina, magic or energy in combat and the icons for, the bards attacks, Loola's attacks and wisdom attacks (beside the icons, 8 images).

· Added 3 animations for the sex actions of villagers with villagers when you send the followers of Elana to influence other villagers. When you send a villager to influence another villager, it shows randomly the foreplay action or the sex action but in future we'll add the possibility to choose what action you want the villager to perform.

· Added 1 animation for a day event of the church.

· Added 1 animation for a day event of the academy.

· Added 7 images for day events of the academy.

· Added 1 image for a day event of the church. 

· Added 2 images for day events of the market.

· Added 5 images for night events of the academy.

· Added 5 images for night events of the forest.

· Added 2 images for night events of the houses.

· Added 6 images for night events of the castle.

· Added 3 images for night events of the church.

· Added 6 images for night events of the farms.

· Added 2 images for night events of the market.

· Added 6 images for night events of the tavern.

Content summary:

· 55 images.

· 5 animations.