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Chapter 3: Sex academy

Posted by knotgames - February 27th, 2019

As we said in the last post talking about Chapter 3, in this chapter there will be a sort of Academy or University of Lust, the lust power will be produced there and used to “pay” for the actions, upgrades and other narrative events. This is will be explained in the narrative events of Chapter 3, where the lust power will be used as one of the primal sources of power of Elana's universe.

Despite that we aim to follow this way as a narrative matter, the following examples, ideas, and statements are just a rough sketch, and they could be expanded, reduced or changed during the development of Chapter 3.

Still, this is the highlights of the path we want to take. The designs and concepts shown in these sketches are just made to help you understand better our rough explanation about the sex academy, and they might not end up inside the game.


The academy will start being a very basic or plain building. The players will be able to upgrade it by using lust power. The basic upgrades include more classrooms, more subjects, students and professors to upgrade the academy's power production. Side upgrades might be a coffee shop, gym, and other places that will add some extra flavor or new mechanics/upgrades.


   The subjects will be taught in the classrooms, producing lust power. This subjects will be divided into three main categories; basic, advanced and exotic.    


Probably, these subjects will produce different amounts of lust power as have different effects on the students and professors stats.


 Each classroom will have a schedule table with the school hours and days, the professors, the students groups and the subjects. Upon visiting a classroom during a specific moment of the day, an image of the subject being taught to the students will be shown.iu_9923_5378138.jpg


As we explained in the Chapter 3: General guidelines post, in this chapter there will be different “worlds” with different themes to discover and complete. After completing them, a new group of students (10 characters approx) coming from that world, together with a new teacher, will be available in the academy.  


In the upper images, we show you the hypothetical “Sugar world”, with its own group of students and its hypothetical teacher, “Candy Queen”. These students will have their own stats like being able to hold more or fewer classes during the day, or a natural ease with certain subjects (Which could turn into an upgrade of lust power obtained).

Professors will have their own stats too. Similar to the students, their capacity to teach a specific number of subjects per day (stats that might be improved), and their own skill in a specific field, will be different, according to the character background and traits. These professors will come with a certain number of skills, still, they can improve their teaching skills, producing more lust power per class.  


Each of these skills will have 3 levels, by upgrading it, a reward image (related to that specific subject) will be given, and at the last level, an animation. Still, every professor will have its own traits, being able to max some skills while some others will be capped.  


Probably, this animation will only be given after reaching the max level of a single specific subject per professor, but if we could manage to hire another animator, the number of animations per professor would be much larger.

Those are, more or less, the main guide-lines for the Sex Academy of Chapter 3. We hope you like the idea, and, of course, we will be glad to hear your thoughts, doubts and ideas about this.

Have a nice day!



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