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Main polls for chapter 3

Posted by knotgames - March 6th, 2019


During the development of Chapter 3, the +5$ tier polls will be done in a slightly different way. This polls will allow the patrons to have some more influence in the development of Chapter 3 and its shaping, although it will depend on the number of members of this tier that want to participate.  

This polls will have different steps. We will bring up the idea of a “thematic” world that we want to approach. First, we will offer you a small idea and features of that world. Then, we will introduce the possible inhabitants of that world as shown in the upper image.

Every world will be populated with inhabitants from a specific main area from Chapter I-II (Forest, Farms, Houses, Tavern, Square, Market, Church, Academy and Castle)  these areas will be referred as original area.

These inhabitants (usually) will come from a specific main area from Chapters I-II.  After that world is “solved”, these inhabitants will become the group of students for the Sex Academy.

In this step, we will offer you to chose up to two inhabitants of the island to join the rest of the group, and the specific skills or actions of every member of the group.  

· Proposing the 2 extra inhabitants:  Patrons from the tier +5$ will address us via comments, or PM to suggest which two characters should appear in the new upcoming world and join the future group of students. The proposed characters must keep the following rules:

-The characters must come from the daytime events of the original area or any other secondary areas. (Under the sea, renegades, wildlings, demons, beach, fairies, chaoticus anonymous…)

- They can't be male elves nor female elves.

- They can't be singular characters (Scylla, Tina, Jenara, Ally & Lilly…)

After a week, the proposed characters will be brought to a poll where two of them will be the chosen ones to be added to the rest of the group.

·Proposing actions for the rest of the characters: In the same post we will ask you to propose the character's actions/ sex scenes where they will appear in the events and story of this new world.

Example 1 of a proposing comment:

1.Medicine woman, anal. / 4. Nap girl, Blowjob. / 7.Lake woman, Cowgirl fuck …  

Example 2 of  proposing comment:

2.Anal / 6.Titjob / 5.Handjob

Patrons will be able to propose actions for every character of the group or just some of them (at the Patron's will), also, the patrons will be able to propose details about the specific sex scene. These details will be noted, but they might not appear in the final event (if the plot allows it, we will gladly add these details).         

One week after the post asking for proposals, if there are more than two proposals for one specific character, we will open a poll to decide which one will be added to the story. If there would be several characters who require different polls for the same reasons, we would post the different polls divided in different days of the week to prevent spamming posts. (We might publish two polls on one day, two more next day...)

If there is only one proposal for a specific character at the end of the week, this proposal will become the winner. In case there are no proposals for one or more characters, or some characters have similar actions/scenes proposed, we could modify the final events of these characters to preserve the variety in the game.

This polls will start after we publish this coming version of Chapter 2.

As always, we are open to hear your thoughts and ideas about this!

Have a nice day!