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Pre-Alpha of Chapter 3 for patrons

Posted by knotgames - August 19th, 2019


Finally! With way less content that we wanted, but already something playable.

 We had spent most of the time (aside from learning the new engine features) preparing code that will allow us enter the characters and the events way faster, in a more automatic way but, when the time to put everything together has come, some unexpected problems has showed up. This problem made the interactions between npc made the game freezes  and because of this we've not been able to add most of the content. We are really sorry because we have already a ton of content ready that has not made it to this version.

It's not really a big deal because it can be fixed with just some more time, but it has slowed us this last days and forced us to block content in order to have something to publish. Also, the pathfinder we made for the character to walk in the areas, kept showing a bug that made Jane sometimes walk to infinity and beyond, so we had to recode it from scratch this last week. Is still a little messy, but it should be easy to polish it in future.

Good news is from now on we'll be able to release far more often. Actually after we'll come back from vacations at the beginning of September we expect to release a version in 2-3 weeks, way more polished and probably with all the 18 characters for the starting area included and complete.

Aside from sometimes, when we'll add minigames and maybe the coding part will require more time, the release speed should depend only on how fast Root can write and draw, and right now he had the chance move a little forward with work.

About the version, it's been tested but not as much as we wanted, so it can show bugs and we'll be very grateful if you tell us what you could find.

What is added it needs some polish, since some sizes during the conversations or even the backgrounds  could need adjustments, some facial expressions could be out of place and we want to add a little more movement to the buttons and the interface. Also right now the only way to know if a character is more or less influences, is to read the answer he/she gives you when you try to do stuff with them but, in future, we'll add a bar of influence for each one of them and after every action you  try with them, a reaction image will flash showing the character aroused or angry depending if they liked the action or not (this images are already prepared).

Content added:

Note: When opening the game select panoramic screen (1920x1080 is the optimum). In future it will be automatized but now select other screens could misplace the elements of the game.

· Main menu with it's animation.

· Added cinematic intro (click on it skips the cinematic).

· Added presentation event.

· Added the starting world (jane can wander around in 6 backgrounds). In future there will be small events where Jane will talk a little about each of this areas but since is not implemented yet, long story short, this starting world is an imperfect and chaotic representation of Jane's mind.

· Added the characters Ari, Smither, Xa'l Astra, Christie, Dela, Lodred, Lashy and Elana.

· Added interaction system. Aside from Elana, you can interact with the characters talking to them and trying to perform actions with them (like flirt with them, kiss them, do sexy time..) and depending on their nature, and how influenced they are, they will respond with a positive event or a negative event (which can be just an exchange of two sentences or more extended conversations). In future this system will be attached to the influence but right now the way to “advanced” in actions is a matter of try to perform the action the character is ready for (for example if the character is ready for a kiss, he/she will show a positive event, and after, the action fondle will be also available with a positive event). BUT it will not be just that easy. Some characters will get blocked at some point not allowing you to move forward with them until you get the help from other character or you give them a particular object which you can get from other character or picking them from the areas (Due to a bug we've not been able to solve yet, which appeared recently, the interactions between characters and the objects are not implemented yet). For example, you'll not be able to move forward with Ari at some point until you get the help from Lashy to calm her or you'll not be able to move forward with Dela until you get her a proper dildo (since there are no objects and interactions between characters yet in this version, some characters will get stuck at some point and Dela will show always negative responses). Also some character will need some actions to be performed two times in order to move forward. Right now it could be a little confusing but once the influence bar and the reaction images are placed it will be way easier (we'll also do a quest log eventually).

· In this version you can complete Lodred, Lashy and Christie (leaving aside the events including other characters).

Note: This particular part of the characters interacting with other characters is what gave us most problems with the automatic system we prepared. Because sometimes many factors from different characters must coincide and can overflow the frame of the automatic system sometimes. But, as we mentioned, we have the solution and should not give more problems on future versions.

· Counting the “greeting” events and the positive and negative answers, added about 60 events.

· Leaving aside the images from the backgrounds, the characters, the intros and the interface, added 5 images for events.

· Right now only English version is available.

We'll also take a couple of weeks of vacation to reload batteries and return to work faster, harder and better. 

Thanks for your support and see you soon!






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good to know im going to play it right now lol got ask tho for everyone wondering how long until it go public