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Rough lines of combat and character winner to join the battle party

Posted by knotgames - October 6th, 2020


The winner from the poll to join the battle party has been Christie!

At some point of the game, probably early and probably after small side quest she'll join Elana and the Spirit to help them defend against the strange new beings that has appeared in the dimension.

Beside her, there are at least two more characters planned to join the battles. We'll try to have all of them ready for next update, but there is high chances that this is not going to be possible because it means about 60 animations which is kinda insane (More animations that chapter 1 maybe even chapter 2). But we are getting faster at it, so we'll see :)


Rough lines about the combat:


Some strange beings are appearing in the pre-existential dimension. They are chasing the the students of the academy and appear to be very powerful, to a point that Elana and the Spirit have nothing to do using violence against them. Luckily, for some reason, they also appear to be full of lust and can be seduced and easily dragged to sexy times. Sadly they appear to have some sort of dark aura around them, some sort of decay magic that causes our heroes to lose stamina way faster than what they are used to in this matters.

The battles:

The enemies will appear in groups and you'll have to chose one of the enemies, one of your fighters, and choose which action to perform to start the battle. You'll be able to change fighter, enemy and action any time, but the fight will not stop until one of the contendants is defeated, which will happen if his or her stamina reaches 0. The enemies will have preferences and some of the actions will affect them more, but they will also have different natures. Some will switch preferences during the battle, some will be tougher at the beginning, some will be more affected by "turbos" (provisional name) or not affected at all... The turbos are short periods of intensity that consumes more stamina but also inflicts more damage to the enemies stamina. The amount of times the fighter would be able to use this turbos and the amount of stamina it will consume, will also depend on the level he or she has on that matter. Beside of this, every fighter will also have their own special abilities that will be able to use during combat, which will consume magic. Abilities like heal the party, do a special attack, inspect the enemies... The danger of the battle allows them to focus a little more to perform magic, but there will be also risks if those skills have low level.

Management, level up and rewards:

In the game menu you'll be able to manage the combat party. Probably you'll be able to select up to three fighters building your team at will. There you'll be also able to manage a little the visual part of the fights. For example, Christie will fight as woman against mans and futa against woman, but there will be an option to see her as a woman with a strappon instead of futa. You'll be also able to able to choose if you want to see fights against both of the genders, one of them or none of them. For example if you chose to not see Elana fighting against females, when she is battling a female the game will show the equivalent animation action for males (more or less equivalent...) and if you choose not to see any of them you'll just see the effects in the stats.

After every victory, as a base, the player will earn lust power that will increase the whole lust amount of the academy and every fighter will earn experience points to level up, which will provide skill points to upgrade the combat actions.

Our idea is that every level would give a lot of skill points, but with plenty of fields to personalize the characters if wanted. For example the combat actions will have at least two different levels to use the skill points, one to increase the damage and one to reduce the stamina needed (for example making possible to have one action very harmful for the enemies stamina and one other that almost doesn't consumes any stamina for your fighter). Turbos and special abilities will also have their own levels for different matters, for example, a level on the magic abilities to reduce the chances of fail, or evolve the effects. Enemies will also have levels, beside coming in differents group sizes and natures, so managing your fighters will have certain amount of importance.

More or less this are basic for the combat. We could add some more stuff during the development but we think this could be something interesting as it is.

Of course, as always, comments and opinions are welcome.

Have a nice day!