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Alpha 3 for patrons, future plan and new public version this Friday!

Posted by knotgames - July 19th, 2021


 Kingdoms world is finally here!  

This time took us a little more than usual but this world is a little more than usual with a little more crazy stuff than usual. After all, Rala is in it.  

And from here what is left?  

We have planned two more versions to reach beta, which means have the ending of chapter 3 placed. In next version we'll adjust everything how it should work in the game finished, most worlds will need to be unlocked, Ditty, the interdimensional being will be more around demanding tributes to allow everyone to exist, enemies will attack the academy and we'll give a little more life to the people once they are students and teachers with some secondary events and quests around the worlds. We'll also work on finish all the lessons left. Perhaps we even add the beginning of the final world too but that one will be completed in the version after it, finally reaching beta of chapter 3.

And that would be it? Not at all! We have plenty of plans for the future. For starters our main plan is make shorter projects. Actually short term and mid term projects at the same time. With the help of the assets we already have, like the avatars of chapter 3, we plan to make short monthly projects like points and clicks, a card game, crazy minigames... Games you can play and complete in 1-2 hours, fully developed as side projects in the span of one or one and a half month. At the same time  we'll be developing midterm games, games developed in 3-6 months. So you can make an idea of it, we are planning to make games with an amount of work and content similar to what it has been the combat of chapter 3 but of course being different games with different mechanics.  We'll wait until we reach the beta version of chapter 3 to explain what we are planning exactly because some of this games could be related to Elana's world, and could be spoilers by itselves.

Now the important things! Hope you'll enjoy it!  


· Added Kingdoms world.

· Added 24 new characters with their avatars and ragdolls and events.

· Added 6 new animations.

· Added more than 40 images.

· Added a cinematic event with multiple animations.

· Gallery updated.

· Fixed minor bugs in the academy (mostly related with the management menu of the lessons)

· Now you can go from the teachers room to Jane's office in the academy with just one click.

· Now in in the teachers menu, when you check on one of their lessons skills you can see which other unlock the lesson but also which other lesson skills will require that lesson to be unlocked.

· Polished some visual effects from especial events like when the academy is created.

· Added the image for the kiss action of Puddypuddy (was only in the gallery) and fixed an small bug with her influence.

· Fixed a bug in Candy world minigame that could make the game freeze if it was clicked too fast.

· Fixed the influence in the excess world.

· Fixed bugs for Excess minigame (sometimes moved left when clicked right)

· Updated the correct facial expressions in Jane's world.

And next Friday alpha 2.8 released free for everyone! With Utopia world included and about 120 new images. 






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