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Alpha 2.6 for patrons

Posted by knotgames - June 6th, 2016

This month it's not going to be public release because the 2.5 was still quite bugged. At the end of this month or begining of next one we'll release the 2.6

To don't have you totally in the dark with the project we'll publish some images of the new combat and events until then.

Alpha 2.6 

· 1 image for night event at forest.
· 1 image for sleeping event in Elana's nest.
· 2 images for sleeping events in the tavern room.
· 2 images for “urban” night events.
· 8 images for “rural” night events.
· 2 images for events in the farm.
· 2 images for events in the tavern.
· 3 images for events in the hot springs.
· 10 images for events in the beach.
· Training buttons now have tags.
· Except for the traning combat, wich is four, all training will be maxed when performed three times.
· Fixed bug that said you had the training maxed when it was not.
· Fixed some sound bug issues. 
· Now the button for acuatic supplies only apears when the skill is purchased.
· Now the acuatic supplies in the square gives 5 influence on all areas and it's not necessary to purchase it again but it will cost expirience too to perform.
· When you go to jail you don't lose the exp. points you earned in the area. 
· Now the las event of the academy sends Elana to jail.
· Now the potions and the books apear in the inventory.
· Now the health book give Elana more health in combat.
· There is no limit of number of winter potions to buy.
· The inventory now have two pages.
· The shovel in the barn can be picked up at night.
· Some items will disapear from the shop when bought.
· Now Elana's dresses apear in the inventory.
· The sigil that disapeared now it doens't.
· Now the items from the shop moves by "pages".
· Rala's text in the shop now works as a normal text.
· The event "Kaeryn excerces" doesn't apear if the skill to steal it's not purchased.
· Fixed some images for the observing events.
· Now bard's minigame can be skiped the first time it's performed.
· Now work with Tina or play with the bards work as a normal event, clicking on the ragdoll.
· Fixed night/day transition of the fury spirit event.
· Now when you finish the events of the academy door Elana enters to the academy directly.
· Some night events don't start until triggered sleeping in the nest.
· Now when spirit say it's late and Elana should go to sleep, when the destination is choosed Elana apears directly to the location.
· Now there is no black frame when clicking in locked areas at night and a pop-up apears to say it's closed.
· Fixed some night choice events.
· Now the effects of the night events work.
· Now when you wake up in the tavern the ragdolls apear as usual.
· Fixed some issues with ritual 3 and Lodred events.
· Now you lose one hour when you fight.
· Fixed some combat minor bugs.
· Fixed some tavern minor bugs.
· Steal now rise alarm (still needs some adjustment).
· Removed buttons from rituals.
· Added some sound for items and money. 

Known bugs:
· The floating numbers of the stats bars are incorrect.
· The button "drink" apear on some items in the inventory, like dresses but it only close the pop-up.
· The nimph event say Elana recover 80 points but actually recovers 100%.
· The action button animation can still freeze.
· If events with music are skiped some issue could apear.



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