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This sounds like it's gonna take 10 years to fully develop . . . . . . . . do it. Sounds like a solid game. Like a classic world hoping RPG game with not really super well-used concepts. A lot of the game in part 1 and 2 are a good enough idea to me of where you're going.

Something similar to the fountain and ocean back in part 1, more attached to the idea of using main story to progress rather than blind progression with side missions, and a lot more involved in development like part 2. Though, even though in part 2 you could easily 100% the whole place by spamming a single move on villagers in the forest with a high xp move to rush through getting all your skills and that being the end of it with more linear story development this would slow things down to a manageable place and make the player feel like their actually progressing. Instead of staying in the first room, maxing yourself out so that when you leave area 1, you're op, you find all the best stuff right off that bat, you blaze through most of the side missions and quests and for half the game all the dialogue is ironic because you just one hit everything. Like I do in Final Fantasy XII because it's fun.

But yeah. this would make managing new places easier with the whole "complete this area to advance to this area, which required a 'tome of passage' which you can only get from this area in this place" and so on. Could even manage making new side quest better and unlock higher level ones in early areas to keep players needing to unlock other areas and revisit places.

It's gonna take a lot of good storyboarding. But you're talkin' no-spoilers so I'm thinkin' ya got that covered. Good luck. Doing great things so far, I'm interested in seeing the journey through.

"This sounds like it's gonna take 10 years to fully develop . . . . . . . . do it" Hahaha Thanks! We plan a 1,5 - 2 years at much though, but we'll see.

Thanks for you reviews in ideas.

The linear development of the story would give us the possibility to do a more linear development without needing the whole world/story settled and would help us to upgrade the rough storyboarding while working ^^

Really like the concept. The progress from part 1 to part 2 was also amazing.

Don't like the idea of combat removal, you have animations of skills in part 2 and you could use it as attacks in combat in the 3rd part. Just lessen the amount of combat and implement it as a part of a quest/story, like a conversation went wrong and bam, small combat sequence with animation.

But the idea of adding different worlds is plain awesome and gives it a replay ability.

Really hope you can do what you wrote.

Glad you like the ideas ^^

About the combat, if it's for confrontations and fighting situations, it would still happen. We just purpose to remove whole mechanics of fighting, because we think that, since it was just a complement of the game and we don't have a lot of work power, we've not been been able to deliver enough satisfactory mechanics and could had been exchanged for other elements more agile or pleasant to play in the kind of game we are planing.

In any case, after the patreon poll, we'll adapt to the winner option and even if the new mechanics option wins, we could open a new poll in future if we think the game asks for combat mechanics in future.