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Chapter 1 Beta (Alpha 3.0)

Posted by knotgames - August 31st, 2016

Finally we have the "beta" of chapter one here. Thanks for your patience. 


· A new battery of observing events written by Turnip. We've been working for several months with the writer Turnip and finally we had added more or less 12 observing events in every area written by him (with it's own ragdolls).

· Tutorial updated with the new features.

· Replaced sketches from the previous version for the final images.

· Added fairy village in the forest (nothing to do there yet).

· Added smithy in the square with 1 image.

· Now you can get a lock to close the door of the room in the tavern to avoid the drunk man during the night.

· Now you can visit the seer in the houses with 1 image and 1 animation (the closer to a walkthrought you'll get from us :P).

· Added note to reread the predictions from the seer.

· Added unlockable gallery, not as much complete as the $10+ patrons but quite comlete. Once unlocked the sections will apear when the areas or characters are fully completed (Hints: night, houses, Lodred).

· Added meeting room in the church (nothing to do there yet).

· Added training area in the castle (nothing to do there yet).

· The mountain is no longer an "area" like the others. Now you can access there through the houses and the farms going through the canyon.

· Changed the text of the elves in the entrance of the mountain.

· Through the canyon you can go to the path of the river (there is a choice event there but nothing more to do there yet).

· Now you can go to the inner door of the academy.

· Now you can use the sigils there (once is unlocked, with all the requirements reached, could be it will not open because of a bug but if you go out of the academy and enter again it will work).

· Added Archmage Allor with combat events. With the events and the combat, more or less 25 images and 1 animation (we recomend have all trainings done and the books from Rala's shop for this part. Also some potions will not be a bad idea).

· Added Elana and spirit transformation.

· Added animation of Elana's transformation.

· Now the chapter can be ended (but you can keep playing if you want).

· Added auto-save. When you'll go to load the game it will let you choos betwen the auto-saved game and the regular saved game.

· Added spanish texts (not checked, some mix of languages could apear). The language can be changed while playing in the options menu.

· Added 2 night multiple choice events in the market.

· Added 1 night event in the square.

· Added 2 night events in the farms, one of them a multiple choice event.

· Added 1 night multiple choice event in the houses (some of this choices will require to have some total level of influence or another event to be unlocked).

· Added 7 images in the academy (5 of them in the outside doors).

· Added 2 images for observing events in the market.

· Added 3 images for night events in the farms.

· Added 4 images for night events in the houses.

· Added 1 image for observing events in the church.

· Added 4 images for observing events in the farms (3 sketches).

· Added and changed images of the interface (animation of the areas leveling up, notes of the bards minigames, options menu, ritual icons...).

· Now the ritual 2 needs to be purchased.

· Added 9 backgrounds alltogether (the background of the castle replaced).

· Gallery updated.

· New debug codes (uploaded in a moment).

Known bugs (the bigger ones. We know quite more minnor) :

· The possible bug with the inner door of the academy.

· Somthing similar happens when the acuatic suplies is used or the mermaids events are seen in the hot springs and the beach. You have leave the area and then the events will update to the right level.

· Sometimes after you perform an action, the floating numbers will show you had earned "0" experiece but the experience will rise as it have to.

· The bug that freezes the farm. Didn't happened to us yet and still making changes to try to prevent it but if you find it please report it to us (similar bugs been reported happening in the room in the tabern and the castle but never happened to us either. Hopefully if this happen the auto-save could be a meantime solution). Also we know for some people this bug was fixed upgrading the latest version of adobe flash player on their browsers. 

· Some subareas must be closed at night.

· Some maladjustments with the combat.

So, what it's left for chapter 1?

For this chapter we'll have to fix some bugs and adjust some things, add a lot of images for events and sounds.

During this month we'll focus on it but also to prepare a new android version and catch up with the images for the winnig events from the forum (probably releasing quicker hotfix instead of a monthly alpha). Once finished the month still will be working on images and bugs but we'll combine the work with the starting of the developement of chapter 2.

And what can we expect on chapter 2?

In general terms, beside have similar features with the chapter one, chapter 2 will probably have:

· Diferent paths to reach check points.

· Finite number of regular villagers. Instead of influence random villagers, every area will have it's own villagers and they will have it's own stats (preferences, dislikes...). The sum of their influence will give the total influence of the area.

· Mountain zone and east of the island zone with it's own areas (quite smaller than the current map. Maybe with 2-3 areas).

· Gather of magic ingredients to make potions.

· "Hunt" of spirits and magic entities.

· Friendship, training and cooperation with characters.

· Jobs like run the tavern or a cult of worshipers of Elana.

· Collecting card game?

All of this could seem a lot, and it is actually :P, but we'll cut or rethink parts of it depending of the developement or depending on what do you think about it.


Comments (3)

Seems like you have a lot of work ahead. Good luck, awesome game, one of the best games on Newgrounds imo.


Good game. Looking forward to any updates.

Can't find the green sigil even after maxxing out all areas at 100%. Thus, I haven't found the boss fight. Help would be appreciated.

You have to complete the events for tina in the farm and you'll get the green sigil and using all sigils you'll get to the boss fight ^^