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Posted by knotgames - April 23rd, 2019



Posted by knotgames - April 18th, 2019


By the way, the cinematic intro of chapter 3 is on the making! Directly continuing the ending of chapter 2, this sequence will jump thousands of years back and show more background story of Aho, Allor, Arth, Jane and the island.


Posted by knotgames - April 16th, 2019


Wait a minute... Root screwed it up? Didn't he had to do this animations for Elana?


Posted by knotgames - April 8th, 2019


Out of Beta! Although we plan to, at least, release another version with possible bug fixes, the credits and such. This chapter has required a ton of work and the development toke longer than we wanted, but being the main body of the three chapters, we are very happy with the outcome and hope you'll be too as players. Of course, always, thank you so much, this project would not be possible without your amazing support and help, your comments, your suggestions, your bug reports, your patience. Thank you. This is your project too ^^

 Said this... Tomorrow we hit a new stage, and we (almost) fully jump on the development of chapter 3! You already know it, but in that chapter, we'll aim to do some little changes on the game, keep the essence and the mood but making it more dynamic and immersive. It will be divided and developed by "realms" or "fractions" of the world, making it more progressive, this means less re-play all the game every release!

By the way, those in the 5$+ tiers, now that all images are included, could start thinking which characters from the night, under sea, east island and other sub-areas will  be included as  extra characters for the polls of chapter 3 (Characters in the sub-areas inside the areas that can be influenced, like the hot springs, archives or the room in the church, can still be purposed, still, another post related to this will be published soon).


· We know we said this versions would cause no problems with the old saves but because of the changes we made it can cause bugs. We still leaved the option to load them but know that this could happen (also if you where in an advanced part of the chapter, you will not be able to watch new content :P).

· The combat it's been tested but, since we have added potions that adds effects to the combat, we've been forced to adjust a little the combat. We've not found any bug but there is a chance that those could appear and we'll keep doing some testing. Also we would appreciate a lot if, in case you find any bug, you report it to us.

· Added some sounds.

· Bugs fixed.

· Now all info is included in the journal instead of being separated (info of the villagers, enemies, allies but also now, the note Elana finds in the church and the list of recipes as well as the failed combinations).

· Quest log adjusted. Now the quests end when they have to, Jane's quest doesn't show a new step until you unlock it and when you open the quest log the new quest will appear with a notification.

·All user interface of the menu has  been adjusted.

· Now when you catch the shadow fairies using the extra ethereal jar you can buy in the renegades camp during night, you can use them through the inventory.

· After completing the chain of events of the lady of shadows you call her through an amulet in the inventory which unlocks the gallery.

· The ingredients for the recipes has changed and now it doesn't matter the order you put them in the lab machine (also as said you can check the recipes and the failed combinations in the journal). Now the potions you can craft work as well as some amulets but a couple of them

· Added the archives in the castle with 6 events. This area gets unlocked at the end of the chain of events of the king and the queen. At the end of the chain of events of the archives you can get reward going back to the area ( a potion, lust power, a recipe for the lab in the academy...).

· Added 3 events in the hot springs.

· Added 5 events in the elven city (this events appear after watching the final event of the elven queen).

· Added events from the polls. One event in the elven city, one in the houses during the day, one in the houses during the night, one in the castle during the night and one in the forest during the night.

· Added 3 images for the events in the academy during the day.

· Added 1 images for the events in the forest during the day.

· Added 1 images for the events in the houses during the day.

· Added 5 images for the events in the castle during the day.

· Added 1 images for the events in the houses during the night

· Added 1 images for the events in the castle during the night.

· Added 1 images for the events in the Alaina's chain of events.

· Added 2 images for the events of the guards during the night.

· Added 27 images for the events of the merfolks and the octopus people.

· Added 9 images for the events of the wild people.

· Added 2 images for the events of the male elves.

· Added 10 images for the events of the female elves.

· Added 3 images for the events of the hot springs.

· Added 2 images for the events of the dark fairies.

· Added 4 images for the events of the renegades camp.

· Added 3 images for the events of the renegades village.

· Added 5 images for the events in the archives in the castle.

· Added 1 image for the events of the lady of shadows.

· Added 10 images for the final outfits of the workers in the tavern.

· Added the images of the conditioning of the tavern.

· Gallery updated.

Content summary:

Images: 91

Events: 20


Posted by knotgames - March 6th, 2019


During the development of Chapter 3, the +5$ tier polls will be done in a slightly different way. This polls will allow the patrons to have some more influence in the development of Chapter 3 and its shaping, although it will depend on the number of members of this tier that want to participate.  

This polls will have different steps. We will bring up the idea of a “thematic” world that we want to approach. First, we will offer you a small idea and features of that world. Then, we will introduce the possible inhabitants of that world as shown in the upper image.

Every world will be populated with inhabitants from a specific main area from Chapter I-II (Forest, Farms, Houses, Tavern, Square, Market, Church, Academy and Castle)  these areas will be referred as original area.

These inhabitants (usually) will come from a specific main area from Chapters I-II.  After that world is “solved”, these inhabitants will become the group of students for the Sex Academy.

In this step, we will offer you to chose up to two inhabitants of the island to join the rest of the group, and the specific skills or actions of every member of the group.  

· Proposing the 2 extra inhabitants:  Patrons from the tier +5$ will address us via comments, or PM to suggest which two characters should appear in the new upcoming world and join the future group of students. The proposed characters must keep the following rules:

-The characters must come from the daytime events of the original area or any other secondary areas. (Under the sea, renegades, wildlings, demons, beach, fairies, chaoticus anonymous…)

- They can't be male elves nor female elves.

- They can't be singular characters (Scylla, Tina, Jenara, Ally & Lilly…)

After a week, the proposed characters will be brought to a poll where two of them will be the chosen ones to be added to the rest of the group.

·Proposing actions for the rest of the characters: In the same post we will ask you to propose the character's actions/ sex scenes where they will appear in the events and story of this new world.

Example 1 of a proposing comment:

1.Medicine woman, anal. / 4. Nap girl, Blowjob. / 7.Lake woman, Cowgirl fuck …  

Example 2 of  proposing comment:

2.Anal / 6.Titjob / 5.Handjob

Patrons will be able to propose actions for every character of the group or just some of them (at the Patron's will), also, the patrons will be able to propose details about the specific sex scene. These details will be noted, but they might not appear in the final event (if the plot allows it, we will gladly add these details).         

One week after the post asking for proposals, if there are more than two proposals for one specific character, we will open a poll to decide which one will be added to the story. If there would be several characters who require different polls for the same reasons, we would post the different polls divided in different days of the week to prevent spamming posts. (We might publish two polls on one day, two more next day...)

If there is only one proposal for a specific character at the end of the week, this proposal will become the winner. In case there are no proposals for one or more characters, or some characters have similar actions/scenes proposed, we could modify the final events of these characters to preserve the variety in the game.

This polls will start after we publish this coming version of Chapter 2.

As always, we are open to hear your thoughts and ideas about this!

Have a nice day!


Posted by knotgames - February 27th, 2019

As we said in the last post talking about Chapter 3, in this chapter there will be a sort of Academy or University of Lust, the lust power will be produced there and used to “pay” for the actions, upgrades and other narrative events. This is will be explained in the narrative events of Chapter 3, where the lust power will be used as one of the primal sources of power of Elana's universe.

Despite that we aim to follow this way as a narrative matter, the following examples, ideas, and statements are just a rough sketch, and they could be expanded, reduced or changed during the development of Chapter 3.

Still, this is the highlights of the path we want to take. The designs and concepts shown in these sketches are just made to help you understand better our rough explanation about the sex academy, and they might not end up inside the game.


The academy will start being a very basic or plain building. The players will be able to upgrade it by using lust power. The basic upgrades include more classrooms, more subjects, students and professors to upgrade the academy's power production. Side upgrades might be a coffee shop, gym, and other places that will add some extra flavor or new mechanics/upgrades.


   The subjects will be taught in the classrooms, producing lust power. This subjects will be divided into three main categories; basic, advanced and exotic.    


Probably, these subjects will produce different amounts of lust power as have different effects on the students and professors stats.


 Each classroom will have a schedule table with the school hours and days, the professors, the students groups and the subjects. Upon visiting a classroom during a specific moment of the day, an image of the subject being taught to the students will be shown.iu_9923_5378138.jpg


As we explained in the Chapter 3: General guidelines post, in this chapter there will be different “worlds” with different themes to discover and complete. After completing them, a new group of students (10 characters approx) coming from that world, together with a new teacher, will be available in the academy.  


In the upper images, we show you the hypothetical “Sugar world”, with its own group of students and its hypothetical teacher, “Candy Queen”. These students will have their own stats like being able to hold more or fewer classes during the day, or a natural ease with certain subjects (Which could turn into an upgrade of lust power obtained).

Professors will have their own stats too. Similar to the students, their capacity to teach a specific number of subjects per day (stats that might be improved), and their own skill in a specific field, will be different, according to the character background and traits. These professors will come with a certain number of skills, still, they can improve their teaching skills, producing more lust power per class.  


Each of these skills will have 3 levels, by upgrading it, a reward image (related to that specific subject) will be given, and at the last level, an animation. Still, every professor will have its own traits, being able to max some skills while some others will be capped.  


Probably, this animation will only be given after reaching the max level of a single specific subject per professor, but if we could manage to hire another animator, the number of animations per professor would be much larger.

Those are, more or less, the main guide-lines for the Sex Academy of Chapter 3. We hope you like the idea, and, of course, we will be glad to hear your thoughts, doubts and ideas about this.

Have a nice day!


Posted by knotgames - February 15th, 2019


Hopefully the last one before the final version! We think it will be released during mid/late March because of the time it will take to finish the images left. Even so we expect Knot will be able to begin to work on chapter 3 before that.

Until that final version, we'll do an explanation about how will work the academy of lust for chapter 3 and we'll open again the polls for tiers 5$+ to decide the characters and the events that will appear in the new worlds (we'll do a proper explanation of everything soon). 

In this version of chapter 2 you'll find most of the images for the main areas (forest, farms, tavern, square, market, church, academy and houses) for the day and night events but sadly there are still some events without image. We add a list of the events without images so they can be avoided if there is no interest in find the event without the image.

Events without image in the main areas:

· A couple of guards events (night, urban outdoor areas)

· First event of the chain of events of Alaina and the spirit of envy (night, forest). 

· Mouse guy 1 (day, academy).

· Mouse guy 2 (day, academy).

· Dance 1 (day, castle). 

· Dance 2 (day, castle). 

· Governess 1 (day, castle). 

· Nobles dinner 1 (day, castle).

· Nobles dinner 2 (day, castle).

Also in this version, you should be able to load old saves BUT some of the content could already be played in the save so, it could not be watched and there are small chances of bugs because of it.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


· Added and fixed some sounds.

· Fixed pop-ups for the management of the followers of Elana.

· Fixed bug at the end of the intro.

· Fixed bug that made restart the chain of events of Kaeryn and now her chain can be finished (included the events from the polls that should had appeared in the previous version).

· Fixed a bug that made the game break when some attacks with effects like stun were used on Hulbert while he had his protection bubble.

· Text revised in the main areas during day and night except for the church (if you find any error or typo and you want to tell us we'll be happy to fix it).

· Changed menus interface. Now you access the menus through a button in the top right of the screen. Main changes:

 - Now in Elana's section you can change between day and night and not just night like 


 - Inventory increased and divided between regular items and quest items. There is a little 

  arrow in the sides of the screen to change between them but it's not the final version. 

  We are still working in the looks and the functionalities of this part. Also in the 

  quest items section, now you can see a button with all the essences of the spirits and 

  know you'll just need one bottle to collect them. Also when you watch the details of the 

  items in both sections, you'll see a button with the word "accio." This is only because it 

  is under construction and it only closes the pop-up of the details.

 - Combat section added. There you can see the combat stats and change the positions of 

   the spirits for the combats.

 - In the spirits section you'll see the spirits you have and if you click on them you'll see 

  their main image, their stats and a button to heal them using one of their essences (we 

  still have to add information and functionalities in this section).

· Added the images for the attacks of the spirit of wisdom and hunger, the image for the times Elana regenerates her stamina, magic or energy in combat and the icons for, the bards attacks, Loola's attacks and wisdom attacks (beside the icons, 8 images).

· Added 3 animations for the sex actions of villagers with villagers when you send the followers of Elana to influence other villagers. When you send a villager to influence another villager, it shows randomly the foreplay action or the sex action but in future we'll add the possibility to choose what action you want the villager to perform.

· Added 1 animation for a day event of the church.

· Added 1 animation for a day event of the academy.

· Added 7 images for day events of the academy.

· Added 1 image for a day event of the church. 

· Added 2 images for day events of the market.

· Added 5 images for night events of the academy.

· Added 5 images for night events of the forest.

· Added 2 images for night events of the houses.

· Added 6 images for night events of the castle.

· Added 3 images for night events of the church.

· Added 6 images for night events of the farms.

· Added 2 images for night events of the market.

· Added 6 images for night events of the tavern.

Content summary:

· 55 images.

· 5 animations.



Posted by knotgames - January 2nd, 2019


Not exactly a comic and not exactly sketched but the chapter 4 of sketch comics, Tales of the island "Fantastic potions week" it's been just released (8 pages available as a reward for our 10$+ patrons).

Rala gave some potions to Elana as a gift but it seems this time the fairy didn't doubted and decided to drank them. Wish her luck!



Posted by knotgames - December 31st, 2018

First of all, the notes:

· If you are playing the beta and experiencing a bug that doesn't allow you to move forward to the minigame in the church after Adot's fight, use the debug code for Jane's events in the description of the beta here in patreon and you'll be able to unlock it and be able to play it and watch the ending. The bug will be fixed during the beginning of January.

· We've been rushing to it but we've not been able to finish the exclusive sketch comic  (Tales from the island 4: Fantastic potions week) before the end of the year. It we'll be published during day 2 or 3 and we'll add some extra work to it to compensate a little.

· Happy new year!

U53ful 1d1o7 December exclusive arts:

· Hunger influencing. Available for 1$+ patrons.
· Sloth influencing. Available for 5$+ patrons.
· Death influencing. Available for 10$+ patrons. 




Posted by knotgames - December 21st, 2018

Beta! The development of this chapter it's been longer than we expected/wanted and of course there are still side images and polishing to do but, beside of a couple of exceptions, it can be fully played and finished ^^

This version comes with a big bunch of story and, the final plot for the chapter 2, is linked to what's coming for chapter 3.

From the development team, we hope that you'll enjoy this last part of Chapter 2, and if you've been following the clues related to what has been going on since the intro from Chapter 1, you'll get some answers (but you'll also get these feeling that for every question answered, there are some more to discover).

As always, but specially on this one, we would love to know your thoughts and comments (if it's not with a private message please avoid spoilers).

Happy holidays! (We'll still be doing some posts or a hot fix if needed, as well as upload the exclusive images, and probably an a exclusive sketch comic).

· Fixed the bug of the mayor of the demons area.
· Fixed some bugs with the events of the under the sea area.
· Now the priest heal their partners again.
· Fixed a bug that could made the game freeze the game during fights.
· Fixed a bug that could made the game freeze the game in some cases when summoning a spirit during fights.
· Now the potions restore more points.
· Now the special attack of the bards restores energy again.

· Added the boss Adot. After influencing all areas and completing all events from Jane,   Adot will appear in the village and Elana will have to defeat him. It has 6 images, 5 combat animations and 1 regular animation. This is a really though boss but it can be defeated using the right attacks at the right time. This time Elana will talk during the fight and giving hints about what it could be a good way to proceed.

· After defeating Adot an sequence and an event will be triggered and everything on the island will change, so, if you want to explore or do some more side events, be sure to do them before facing Adot. After this event, another confrontation will appear in the church (a minigame). Elana will need to win this confrontation to try to return the island to normality.

· Completing the minigame will lead to an event with 4 images and one animation that, at the same time will lead to an ending sequence of  5-6 minutes.

· Added 15 events with their images from the event polls (some more are already prepared, about 12 more, and there are actually only four images left to finish from this events, but due to the in-game requirements and/or their stories, they are mostly going to be included in next beta versions, and some in the chapter 3).
- 3 events in the elven city triggered after Karyn's chain of events.·
- 1 event in the houses during night, triggered after the previous
- 3 events in the elven city.
- 2 events in the beach, triggered after Loola's chain of events.
- 1 event in the houses during night, triggered after Loola's chain of events.
- 1 event for the random dreams, triggered by the nimph during night (now, all the dreams have their own text)
- 4 events in the tavern during night.
- 1 event in the houses during night.
- 1 event in the farm. - 1 event in the castle.
· Gallery updated.

· In this version it is not possible to load old saves but in the future versions it should be no problem to load through versions.

Known bugs:
· Hulbert can give problems if you defeat both of his minions with an AOE at the same time.
· There is a bug with the door of the warehouse (renegade's black market) that can freeze the game. It doesn't happens always because it's dragged from some other place.
· Sometimes the events of the caoticus anonymous could not advance (this chain of events usually advances through a day passing). If this happens, the chain of event will continue if you purchase the first update of the tavern.
· When you go to the war camp the first time (when you see the innkeeper with Cliff), the event repeats itself until you go to sleep. You have to watch it again next day and return next day to be able to go into the renegades camp.
· Some ambient musics must be adapted to the events. Still, this doesn't bug or crash the game.