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knotgames's News

Posted by knotgames - December 19th, 2018

Hi everyone!

And sorry about not doing as much posts as usual but it's for a good cause ^^

We are rushing to have the Beta of chapter 2 prepared before the holidays and we are not having a lot of time left.

The ending sequence it's already finished!
It ended up being a 5-6 min sequence and now we are polishing some sounds and implementing it in the game.

There is a couple more things to finish but we think we could have the beta ready and uploaded this week. If some unexpected problem appears during the testing, it could be delayed to day 27-28 but we hope this will not be the case and that we'll be able to enjoy of a couple more days of rest after  the release.

Have a nice day!


Posted by knotgames - December 13th, 2018

5378138_154469613931_Sinttulo-1.jpg"It's been quite a long time since I walked through this realm. Who I am is no longer what I was once... Still, back in another time, I was known as..."


Posted by knotgames - December 11th, 2018

5378138_154453660072_cantmove.jpgWe think it would be great to have more animated content for chapter 3 and because of it we opened a new milestone/goal. If we reach it, we’ll find an animator who can match Root’s art style and we’ll regularly commission him/her animations for the game (the amount would depend on the rate price, artist availability…).

The milestone is where we want to start consistently working with the new artist but we are already looking and open to commission some work now and then to create exclusive content or event content for the game, but also to test compatibility and know what people think.

Also, If you know someone who could be interested or you think could fit in our project  we’ll be glad to hear suggestions of artists.

Have a nice day!



Posted by knotgames - November 23rd, 2018

Hi every one!

Work on the beta is going great, Knot almost fully implemented the fight with Adot and the spirits missing in the game, we are starting to work on the final minigame, Berserk is writing the texts for the events from the polls not introduced yet and Root just finished the story board of the ending cinematic.

What you see in this image is this story board of the ending, burred of curse to avoid spoilers, which it will be quite long because we still have a lot to tell ^^

Have a nice weekend!




Posted by knotgames - November 7th, 2018

5378138_154164159622_promo199cens.jpgThis release took us  some more time because we wanted to finish the big blocks left of the chapter. Thank you all for your amazing patience! Hope you’ll find it worth. The only parts left now are: Final battle and final minigame, the ending, and small things like some sleeping events, a couple of events in sub areas here and there and add the events left from the 5$t+ tiers polls. Of course we’ll have to do a lot of images left from non main events, but we’ll do it while we the development of chapter 3 to keep moving forward (same as we did when we changed from chapter 1 to 2).

This is the last alpha from chapter 2 because next one will enter into beta state!

Hope you’ll enjoy!


· Added the war against the demons. Once you have talked with innkeeper and he has asked you to help with the troops for the renegade war camp (he goes there after you see his last  event of the tavern), you can provide those troops by paying for them in the training grounds of the castle (after you have completed the king and the queen events) but you can also save some money by finishing the octopus people events and the wild people events (if you take part for Red Scar) because they’ll help you joining the fight. Also, if you finish Morrow’s events, she’ll appear in the battle too. To start the war you’ll need to provide the amount of troops that the innkeeper is asking, but you’ll also have to watch the events of Jenara and Cliff in the renegade war camp.

· Added the demons area. Once the battle is done, Elana can go to the demons area if she has the stone that Scylla gives her during her chain of events (Reminder:  To go under the sea, you have to find the stone of the water realm in the hot springs, and it will only appear there after you have seen Rala’s events in the forest and first Scylla’s event in the tower of the academy). Once inside the demons area, Elana will not be able to return to the island until she finds her way out.

· Overall, counting the battle against the demons, the demons area and a couple of events that will appear in the war camp, about 18 events have been added (we say 18 but since some point and click interactions have been added in the demons area, and you can have different answer depending on the moment, some of their events can’t count exactly as a singular event). We’ve added about 31 images (counting the 6 backgrounds) and 1 animation for these events.

· Now, after you complete Kaeryn’s events, you can go to the elven castle and find 5 events with 6 images and 1 animation. In the future, completing this events will change the behaviour of the elven woman (Note: there is an error displaying final images of the elven queen and the elven nobles but we aim to fix it by the gallery update we’ll upload tomorrow).

· Added the management of the followers of Elana. Now, after you buy the first upgrade of the tavern to manage it, and after you complete the events of the chaoticus anonymous in the side room of the church, some adepts of the church of Elana will go to the tavern and place their headquarters there. After that, you’ll be able to pick the completely influenced villagers from the different areas and send them to influence the other ones from the other areas. We have added 3 animations of foreplay for this part (with all hairs, colours and sizes of the villagers), there are 3 more sex scenes planned to be add, eventually.

· Jane events added in the church (her third event appears in the square). We have added 9 events for Jane with 14 images and 2 animations. Her events will appear as you advance in the game. More or less, every time you increase your global influence for a 10% (slightly more than a full area) and you complete one of the main check points of the game, you’ll be able to watch a new Jane event (the check points are Rala, Loola, the bards, the King and Queen, Scylla, the demons, Florala,  the Archmage and the Elven Queen and wiseman. The elven Queen events are not yet linked to Jane’s event, but you can already watch them all).

· Added 4 events for the Archmage with 4 images. After seeing the first Archmage’s events that were already in the game (Reminder: After you see the first event of the sheep in the farms you can go to the fairies village, and talk to Alaina, then, craft the spirit of envy, the chain of events of Alaina and envy will start during night. After Alaina meets the Archmage in the forest, you can find another Archmage event in the academy during night) you can find 2 more events of him in the farms during the night, then on in the academy during night and then one in his office any time of the day.

· Questlog updated.

· A lot of adjustments and bug fixes.

Content summary:
· 55 images.
· 7 animations.
· 38 events (about 23.000 words).

Known bugs:   
· Hulbert can give problems if you defeat both of his minions with an AOE at the same time.
· There is a bug with the door of the warehouse (renegade’s black market) that can freeze the game. It doesn’t happens always because it’s dragged from some other place.
· Sometimes the events of the caoticus anonymous could not advance (this chain of events usually advances through a day passing). If this happens, the chain of event will continue if you purchase the first update of the tavern.
· A couple of images are misplaced in the elven castle but it willbe fixed in the version we’ll reupload tomorrow.
· Some ambient musics must be adapted to the events. Still, this doesn’t bug or crash the game.
· There are some standing animations to be added (the “puppets”) for two of Jane’s events.

Note: We’ve prepared the events for the hot springs and the archives but since we didn’t have images for it and because it would take us a couple more days to implement it, we’ll publish them in the next version.



Posted by knotgames - November 1st, 2018

We think the game mechanics (influence the villagers with new skills) has reached a cap where it could start to be boring, and because of the events from the story ending of chapter 2 and the beginning of chapter 3, (which we’ll not explain now to avoid spoilers :P) that bring us the chance to make a dramatic global change while still following the main story and plot, we are thinking on taking a new direction on chapter 3.

(Note that this doesn’t mean Elana will stop to influence/teach new things to the villagers.)

We think that it could be a good thing for the project, but we don’t want to go against the players desires so, we are opening a poll for the vote power tiers (5$+) to decide if we follow the old system or we change to the new system on the next chapter.

We already said this but, since the program we are using to develop the game, Adobe flash, it’s starting to be obsolete and, in the following couple of years, the internet browsers will stop working with it, for chapter 3 we’ll use a new platform.

Before we start to explain the changes:

· This are raw concepts and they could be adjusted.
· It could seem a ton of work, but it would be something similar to the chapter 1 (we think chapter 2 have ended up with too much content and it slowed a lot the development of the main story).
· It could look like everything is random and out of nowhere, but it actually fits with the main story and it will make sense.
· Keep in mind that we’re trying to do a detailed explanation avoiding possible spoilers.
· The sketches doesn’t necessarily match with the final concepts that would appear in the game. They are meant to help understanding this changes
· Sorry about the crappy sketches, we don’t have much time lately, but we think they are necessary to help introducing, explaining and asking you about this.



· New reality, a world of small worlds:


Due to the final events of the chapter 2 and the beginning of chapter 3, most of the inhabitants and, even the buildings of the island, would be transported to another world, the Spiritual world, actually this is the one where the spirits of luck live (same beings like the creatures that appear in the image of the tier one patreons).

This small world will be created and shaped, by friendly beings and and not so friendly beings, the latter will try to corrupt it, forming thematic worlds like a happy world, a dystopia, oneiric world…

Elana will have to travel to this worlds and fix/cleanse them to get more resources and advance through the story.

· A more immersive system:


In this world, Elana would move through to the different areas as if walking through them (instead of always have to go back to the map). We might even do an animation of Elana walking (if Root is able to make it look good enough).

The system would change into more point and click/management game, and we’d most likely remove combats.

· All characters will be “singular” characters:


We would do standing images for all the characters like we did for Rala, Tina, Kaeryn… With different facial expressions to accompany the text (no sure if they will be animated because it will be lot of them). We would use a more classic RPG dialogue system, which will help us to shorten the texts and also show almost always images in the screen, making the texts parts less tedious and more fluid.

When Elana approaches the other characters, she could trigger an event, or just have a plain conversation (“Hello!”), in this case, Elana would have options to interact with them as well.

· More linear development:


When Elana completes an area, she’ll be able to go to next one (or the couple next ones), straightening the development of the story. This will mean less freedom (to roam around) in exchange for more consistency in the story, and, also for the game’s development, meaning that there would be more chances to release more playable updates and save/load games through versions.

This areas would, most likely, have a special minigame at the end, in order to complete them.

· Sex cademy:


There would be a sex academy, this academy would be the center of everything, the main core. Taking the place of the actions and the influence from the other two chapters, this academy would be like the management system of the tavern but extended, and the way Elana will earn the energy/points/whatever she’d needs to advance through the story.

Every time Elana completes a world, she’ll earn a new teacher, as well as students to fill and manage this academy.


Well… That’s it for the glossary. Hope you’ll like the idea.

Even if you are not into one of the voting tiers, we would love to know your thoughts about this ideas so, we encourage you to leave us a comment and let us know what do you think about it.

Have a great day!


Posted by knotgames - October 16th, 2018


Just opened a twitter account in case it’s easier for some people to follow our public posts and because we found out there were people already talking about the game ^^

Check it out!



Posted by knotgames - September 10th, 2018


We are getting close to finish chapter 2! There is still significant amount of work to do but now we see the light at the end of the tunnel ^^

So this are our plans, for the next months:


Knot will work on the android version while Root and Berserk work on the content. Berserk will work on writing side events left (hot springs, archives in the castle…) and Root on the main events (Jane, Archmage, the elven queen, the war, the demons…). We’ll also release the final version of chapter 1 at the end of the month with the new music, a couple of bug fixes and the credits. We had this final version of chapter 1 since February or so, waiting for a last and intensive testing but since we always had a lot of work we leaved it aside more than it should. We included patrons from the “Producer” tier until February because we closed it then, but people who pledged on that tier later will be included in future credits (for the next chapters or the final pack of chapters). 

We doesn’t plan to release a new version at the end of the month BUT if Knot is able to finish the Android version early and we have enough material, there is chances we still do a release of chapter 2 by the end of the month.


Our plan for October is finish all event and release a version only lacking of some images/animations, the final battle(s) and the ending. 


Final battle, ending (including cinematic), fill visual content left… BETA! We include December to this point because we want to be prudent since we are not sure how much the ending cinematic will take but our plan is be doing the intro and preparing the mechanics of chapter 3.

This are our plans and we’ll do our best to accomplish them within the mentioned dates but this is still a time approximation.

Thanks for make it possible and have nice week!


Posted by knotgames - December 1st, 2017

We just released a wikia for any one who wants to check or add information, we encourage you to feel free to edit or make new articles! (we’ll slowly fill it though). This is for everyone who wants to know more about the game and a place were the players can find guides to advance in the events, spirits, etc.. also it will be a helpful tool for us. The game is starting to be pretty big and it will be a quick way to remind features while developing the game:



Posted by knotgames - November 15th, 2017

This could happen for some different reasons.
· Play on incognito mode (it prevents the save file to get created)
· Have your browser settings marked as "not accept third party cookies (will prevent the creation of th file too.
· Delete your browser historic or cookies (deletes the save file)
· Run a Ccleaner or some program like this on your computer (can delete the save file too)

Hope it help!

(Btw someone send us a private message with this question and we deleted the message by mistake, sorry about that :S)