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knotgames's News

Posted by knotgames - 3 weeks ago


Dystopia world is here! With all the content except the final minigame that closes the event and maybe one or two extra images left. We had our troubles here and there, but this world it's been way smother to make than the starting world and we expect to only go better from here.

Our plan for future versions (based on how much time took us to make dystopia) is, while Root prepares the material for a new world (texts, images...), Knot and Berserk will be adding features like the quest log, inventory, academy... and polishing the parts already added.

After the material are ready, specially after the texts and avatars are done, Knot and Berserk will assemble the world, while Root will work on images for the academy, events of the academy's people on free time and such. This way we think we can start a dynamic schedule of releases based on features and academy on one month, and a complete new world on the next one until the completion of the chapter.

Sadly we had troubles with the browser and Android version and we have not been able to fix it for this release but it will be the first we'll do when we'll come back on January.

More or less this this is it! Now we'll have some rest days but we'll still be around here. We'll be officially back on  Monday 6 but we'll probably post a poll for what world should be do next, post one or two exclusive animations and keep an eye here to answer your comments and doubts.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


·  Added 14 New characters (2 of them are double) with their own rag dolls and avatar with facial expression for the Dystopia world.

· Added 61 Images (15 character Avatars, 14 Characters ragdolls, 32 Events).

· Added 3 Animations.

· Added around 175 new events. (+20.000 words that equals 60-80 book pages approx.).

· Added titles above the rag dolls of the characters with their name. The titles are shown when pressing Alt or by pointing them with the mouse.

· Background music adjusted. (Only two main themes now, more themes will be added in the future)

· Sound volume error when running the game fixed.

· Pathfinder mechanics (when Jane/Elana rag doll’s move across the areas) improved to adjust better to the background.

· Zone Camera adjusted (Player point view)

· Smooth transitions through the areas (now it fades in black from one to another). · · ·

· Background Blur when interacting with the characters.



 + The world of dystopia can be completed until the last character from the palace. Still, the last event can be started, but the final mini-game and the closure of the world will be fully implemented in the next release together with the new content.

 + Ailyn starting event when she asks Elana to do 3 quests, related to Doh’ly, Farms and Trate, two of them (Doh’ly and Farms) won’t disappear from the event despite you’ve completed them, still, once you’ve completed the three quests (and therefore, the whole event), the character will progress as intended and the event will be closed.

+We've fixed some minor issues of the first world, but there are some others (not really impactful on the game) that we have in mind to fix on the upcoming releases.

+When seeing a fade in black or a large "cinematic" event, try to not click on the screen, because that still gives the command to walk to Elana's rag doll and makes her move, despite the map routes are not established, making Elana walk out of the roads and turning the fairy into a silly astronaut of the endless clouds.





Posted by knotgames - 1 month ago


New animation! This time featuring Laia and Trate.

Four animation loops are already available in early access  for 10$+ patrons.





Posted by knotgames - December 11th, 2019


Scene for the coming Dystopia world of chapter 3. Two uncensored loops are already available for our 10$+ patrons.





Posted by knotgames - November 29th, 2019


First of the two announced releases! This one with the ending of the first world and more technical fixes. It took us quite time because we struggled with the browser version and the save feature but as mentioned, in a couple of weeks we'll release a version with the full Dystopia world (counting the content added in this release, more or less two more hours of gameplay) and from now on we think we'll release way more often ^^

Alpha 1.4 for patrons updates: 

· WARNING: The music starts very loud and you have to adjust it in the options.

· Added save game feature (One single slot available for now)

· Options menu added in the game (there is some adjustments needed)

· Added a bar with the influence/progress of the world. It gets filled every time you “complete” a character.

· Added bars for the influence of the characters. Every time you influence a character, his/her bar will fill a little.

· Added reaction markers. Now when you perform an action on a characters, and the character gets influenced by it, he/she will appear naked and aroused (showing their true feelings). It doesn't work (yet) with “double” characters like Lashy and Lodred, and the animation of this feature will be better and smoother in future. Also there are reaction markers ready for the bad reactions of the characters but are not implemented yet.

· Added area transition fade effect.

· Added the final event of the first world with about 20 images, one animation and a tutorial.

· Added and implemented the animations of Elana walking.

· Added the areas of the academy with 5 backgrounds.

· Added 5 avatars for characters with their facial expressions.

· Added the first lessons of the academy (right now it's just an image slideshow and it repeats every time you enter the classrooms but in future it only will happen the first time and after it the lessons will appear according to the time of the game and as the way you managed them).

· Now after the final events of the first world, a path it's opened to the dystopia world in the wrath area..

· The first time you walk to the dystopia world an event will appear.

· Added the dystopia world empty with 5 backgrounds.

Alpha 1.0 public release updates:


We also published a resume video of chapter 1 and 2 for those who want to jump directly to chapter 3 but still want to follow the story of the game. Here you'll find versions in English and Spanish and censored and uncensored: 




Posted by knotgames - November 19th, 2019


New exclusive animation available in early access for 10$+ patrons (3 loops. Eventually will go into the game).





Posted by knotgames - November 8th, 2019


New exclusive animation available in early access for 10$+ patrons (5 loops. Eventually will go into the game but not soon).





Posted by knotgames - November 7th, 2019


Posted by knotgames - October 15th, 2019


This are the subjects we have planned for the sex academy.

At the beginning you'll start with the basic subjects, then you'll be able to purchase the advanced subjects and if you want the subjects of the exotic category, you'll have to unlock them through the game.

The categories of this subjects (basic, advanced, exotic) not necessarily match with the subjects. It's just a way to separate them between the ones you start with, the ones you purchase and the ones you can unlock.

This are our plans but it's not carved in stone so, if you have ideas for other subjects.





Posted by knotgames - October 9th, 2019


"Through work, satisfaction, through satisfaction, pleasure, through pleasure, happiness and, in this, we found pride."

Here is a quick concept for the next world we'll work on. 





Posted by knotgames - October 1st, 2019


A little delayed because those little things from code that sometimes are stubborn as mules and doesn't want to work, no matter how many carrots you offer them, or how much you threaten them with a slipper.

Finally, it's done, and all the content from the first area has been added (about 30 minutes in a speed run without reading the texts so it could be more than 3 hours of gameplay). There are some aesthetics and interface stuff to be added and adjusted, but you can complete everything you are supposed to do in this area in this stage of the game, which takes place just before a story event and the creation of the academy of sex.

We are not going to list every step you have to do to complete this version but you can reach the point to have a good result with image on “fondling” and “playing” with everyone of the characters, there are a lot of extra images tho.  To "influence" this characters, you'll have to interact with them choosing the right actions to perform with them, but you'll also have to use items that you'll find on the ground or will be given by other character, as well as asking for help when you have gained enough trust with some of them.

This first area is made, somehow, to mess around, explore and try things, a little bit crazy because all the characters progress on their on way, but don't worry, this chapter future worlds are going to have more plain and simple structures (also, the interface is going to be adjusted and improved to make everything more understandable).       

Hope you'll enjoy!


· Added all character of the starting area with their ragdolls and avatars except for the avatar of Wanabequinn  (the expressions in the events will probably be adjusted in future. Also there are some aesthetics adjustments to do here, for example Ari's avatar could be duplicated depending on which action you choose or an image of Lord Smither is misplaced).

· Added all images/animation of the characters of the starting area.

· Added a sound (laugh) to know when a character's progress has advanced and you have to figure out the next step to influence them (placeholder).  

If you choose the right action to take, according to the character you're speaking with, a female laugh will be heard, and a new interaction (weather it is asking a favor or asking to play some games) will be available. .

· Added a basic U.I. options and the possibility to switch the language to Spanish.

· Added all objects of the initial area (there is no inventory yet but all work as if it was. You can find objects in the background of the areas or obtain them from the characters).

· Added music (still place holders).