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knotgames's News

Posted by knotgames - September 6th, 2021


Hi everyone! We had our two weeks vacation and now our powers have been fully restored! We are working again and ready to finish chapter 3 as soon as possible!

We also want to present our next project, the first mid term project we want to do (with an estimated development time of 6-9 months, that should also allow us to publish small projects every 1-2 months) and the its possible main character.

The name of the game will be Lust Bringers, mentorship, a game where a retired Lust bringer (a priest/priestess from the Temple of Love) will have to train an aspiring Lust Bringer candidate who is very promising but, because of its behaviour or personality traits, has not been able to join the regular training at the Temple of Love.  

The game will start with the high priestess of the Temple of Love (one of the most important institutions of the city), bringing an aspirant to the door of a man, a retired Lust Bringer who is married to another retired Lust Bringer. The high priestess will ask the man to mentor the aspirant because she really wants to become a Lust Bringer and has a lot of potential. At first he will refuse because he is  happy with his new life but, after some negotiation, and the intervention of his wife, they will accept the aspirant in their home to train her and help her to achieve her dream to become a Lust Bringer of the Temple of Love.

Our idea is to start with just one character to train but if we see during the development that this is something people likes, we are open to do more "mid term projects"  to add more aspiring Lust Bringers to train, as well as male aspirants for the wife to train. Also, in this projects, we would like to do every scene and training animated, at least most of it.

What you see in the image is the possible concepts of aspirants to Lust bringer we have thought during last week  and our patrons in the influenced guard tiers and above can vote which one will be the main character of the game until September 16.

See you soon and have a nice day!





Posted by knotgames - July 23rd, 2021


 New public version!

This one includes Utopia and 130 new images for the academy!

Here you'll find the full list of updates:



IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't play in full screen, some elements of the game could be misplaced in this version and you'll not be able to continue in some spots like the in the minigame of Utopia. You can also find Windows versions in our blogspot.

Hope you'll enjoy it!




Posted by knotgames - July 19th, 2021


 Kingdoms world is finally here!  

This time took us a little more than usual but this world is a little more than usual with a little more crazy stuff than usual. After all, Rala is in it.  

And from here what is left?  

We have planned two more versions to reach beta, which means have the ending of chapter 3 placed. In next version we'll adjust everything how it should work in the game finished, most worlds will need to be unlocked, Ditty, the interdimensional being will be more around demanding tributes to allow everyone to exist, enemies will attack the academy and we'll give a little more life to the people once they are students and teachers with some secondary events and quests around the worlds. We'll also work on finish all the lessons left. Perhaps we even add the beginning of the final world too but that one will be completed in the version after it, finally reaching beta of chapter 3.

And that would be it? Not at all! We have plenty of plans for the future. For starters our main plan is make shorter projects. Actually short term and mid term projects at the same time. With the help of the assets we already have, like the avatars of chapter 3, we plan to make short monthly projects like points and clicks, a card game, crazy minigames... Games you can play and complete in 1-2 hours, fully developed as side projects in the span of one or one and a half month. At the same time  we'll be developing midterm games, games developed in 3-6 months. So you can make an idea of it, we are planning to make games with an amount of work and content similar to what it has been the combat of chapter 3 but of course being different games with different mechanics.  We'll wait until we reach the beta version of chapter 3 to explain what we are planning exactly because some of this games could be related to Elana's world, and could be spoilers by itselves.

Now the important things! Hope you'll enjoy it!  


· Added Kingdoms world.

· Added 24 new characters with their avatars and ragdolls and events.

· Added 6 new animations.

· Added more than 40 images.

· Added a cinematic event with multiple animations.

· Gallery updated.

· Fixed minor bugs in the academy (mostly related with the management menu of the lessons)

· Now you can go from the teachers room to Jane's office in the academy with just one click.

· Now in in the teachers menu, when you check on one of their lessons skills you can see which other unlock the lesson but also which other lesson skills will require that lesson to be unlocked.

· Polished some visual effects from especial events like when the academy is created.

· Added the image for the kiss action of Puddypuddy (was only in the gallery) and fixed an small bug with her influence.

· Fixed a bug in Candy world minigame that could make the game freeze if it was clicked too fast.

· Fixed the influence in the excess world.

· Fixed bugs for Excess minigame (sometimes moved left when clicked right)

· Updated the correct facial expressions in Jane's world.

And next Friday alpha 2.8 released free for everyone! With Utopia world included and about 120 new images. 





Posted by knotgames - April 26th, 2021


 A new mechanics release! This time some of the work Knot has been doing will not be reflected in the release since some weeks have been dedicated on work on the implementation of the new version of the combat for android and browser and it is still causing some problems. Even so, beside all the new art, the version still have some interesting updates.

Work plan after this release:

Root is already working on next multiworld (soon influenced guards tier and above will see the making of with the sketches for the characters to come). While writing the new world and preparing the designs of the characters and backgrounds, we'll divide the work on do some animations for the teachers in the academy.

Meanwhile, Knot will divide his work on finishing to fix the browser and android problems, with keep working on mechanics and even start to add some side quests and events for the completed world.

Once written the multi world with the avatars for the characters completed, we'll both jump on work on it.

Now the upgrades of the version! Hope you'll enjoy it!


· Finished and polished the new way to show when a character is leveled up/influenced. Instead of a bubble with the character, now changes the avatar itself. They also have a bad responses when they don't level up (which we'll have to adjust a little because sometimes the character can be telling he/she is very happy and not level up and still show a bad response). Both responses have sound.

· Implemented a floating text to keep better track of what is happening in the academy. Right now shows when the teachers level up their skills for the subjects and when "wandering" enemies enters a new area.

· Implemented "wandering" enemies. Those enemies will appear in the different worlds and walks towards the academy. Right now if they manage to arrive to the academy they will steal 200 lust power points but in the future the consequences will probably change. They also can be spotted in the map and will provisionally appear with the old icons of the peace guard. To differentiate them from the other enemies, right now the static enemies appear tinted with red color. 

· Implemented the adjusts of the combat from the ARENA version to the main game for both, menus/tutorials and game.

· Added Aly and Lily as teachers to the academy.

· Added Show Towns as students to the academy.

· Added Excess as students to the academy.

· Now you gain 100 points of lust power when you complete a character (wasn't fully implemented) and 10 points of lust power for every enemy defeated (Once in beta stage we'll probably adjust it).

· Added 118 images to the classes of the academy. Now every group of students and every teacher have an image for every subject. Images also implemented in the gallery.

· Now Utopia closes correctly when it is completed.

· Fixed a bug from the telefone which made the game crash when Jane talked about Ailyn.

· Fixed a layer issue with the Lashy and Lodre's events.

· Fixed a bug in the academy that made the event shown not match with the ragdolls in the classroom.

· Fixed a bug from multiple options for the ask button of Deepthroat.

· Fixed a bug of Spirit's face on Excess world.

· Fixed a bug that removed Lubly's clothes.

· Fixed a sound bug in Dystopia with Nemea and Demi.

· Fixed other minor bugs like the previously mentioned and typos.

· Added a new debug code to unlock everything from the combat, the academy and complete all worlds. Link

Known bugs:

· Elana freezed at the same time a floating text appeared while we were rapidly clicking the button to wait of the academy. It could be because of the button or because of the text but, in any case, if it happens to you she unfreezes if you click the menu button.

· Hanna have "hannaacademia" name when in the academy.

· Demi influences doesn't match with her current level.

· In the excess world the influence of the world doesn't fill the bar.

· The layers of the images of christie in combat must be rearranged.

· The titles of the pills in Leela's minigame needs to be fixed to fit.

· The name in of the governess over her ragdoll always appears in spanish.

· The professor's menu must be polished and filled.





Posted by knotgames - March 4th, 2021


 Alpha 2.5 has been publicly released! This time including Android version!

Main updates are the addition of the combat (with 60 animations) and Show Towns world. 

Remember! While the game is in alpha you can skip first world with the button in the codes menu and the access to all the new worlds will appear with green arrows there. You can also activate the combat by entering and exiting the academy.  You can find the full list of updates and known bugs here:



And alpha 2.7.2 for patrons!


Welcome to Utopia, where everything is possible and everyone's wishes come true! Almost everyone's...


· Adjusted the options menus to try to fix the resolutions problems (until we'll finish the game we'll be messing a little with resolutions. In case it gives problems, enabling and disabling window version in the options menu should fix it).

· Updated gallery (including some events missing from previous versions. Combat is still missing).

· Fixed a combat bug which didn't selected well the first enemy (we still have to implement changes from the Arena minigame).

· Started a change of the reaction of the character when they are influenced (The bubble with the naked character will disappear for a change over the avatar itself, but it is not implemented on all characters).

· Now the images of the teachers appear in their management menu.

· Added a load screen for the gallery.

· Now after finishing and exiting Dystopia, Ditty will appear, explaining new challenges to face (not implemented yet) and giving Elana and Jane a device to communicate.

· Now after receiving the device to communicate with Jane, you can call her through the inventory to talk to her, about the students, the academy and other things. After completing new worlds the possible conversations will increase, regarding new students and teachers. Right now it only haves an immersion purpose but, in the finished game, it will also be a way to notify the player events that will need to be attended.

· Added Utopia world with 15 new avatars, 14 ragdolls, 3 backgrounds, 33 image events, 4 animations and 1 minigame. Right now you can access the world through the love area in Jane's world

· Small bug fixes.

Known bugs and notes:

· First time you enter Utopia's dome, an event will appear and, after it, Elana will appear outside of it. You should be able to go inside without problems after it.

· If you use the keyword to answer dialogue options, the game could select an incorrect answer.

· Utopia has no sound yet.

· Some texts fore the lessons are still not implemented or are not correct.

· Some students can appear in a classroom where there is no lesson at that time.

· Hanna's ragdoll is a little difficult to click in the event to get her for the combat.

· Even if you start a new game the characters will still keep their level for the combat.

· Thea change resolution tool doesn't work well and touch it can misalign the elements of the game.

· The third level of Spirit's sex sense skill only activates when you select him instead of at the beginning of the combat.

· Many adjustments for the faces of the dialogue needs to be done.

· If you skip jane's world the arrow to go to the sadness area from the love area, doesn't appear.

· The rooster who sings to announce the change of the day, sings whenever he wants.




Posted by knotgames - January 30th, 2021


This is the side mini project we've been working on every now and then this days. Right now only windows version is available

A standalone version of the combat where you walk through the worlds unlocking new fights, the characters of the game and leveling them up to face stronger enemies.

Will you be able to complete all worlds?

You'll see that the stats menu and how the levels work is a little different than in the main geme. This is because this project has helped us to realize what worked and what didn't and also helped us to develop a little balancing for the fights to apply to the main game.

Hope you'll enjoy it!





Posted by knotgames - December 23rd, 2020


That's it for this year!

We'll take some days of rest to renew our energies and we'll be back next year. We'll still be around for doubts and questions as well as preparing the two holidays mini projects which we'll publish mid January.

A toast for a better, happier and easier year to come!

Happy holidays!





Posted by knotgames - December 12th, 2020

Take a look to our blog or twitter if you want to see a GIF about how it looks the new combat!



New version with combat included!

It will need some polish, some balancing and mechanics to actually be a threat to the academy but all features are already here.

During next week we'll post our plans for next release but now... The updates!

Hope you'll enjoy it!


· Fixed the possibility to stop the time and the academy.

· Added a small tutorial to explain the management of the teachers and their skills and some fixes but is still a work in progress.

· Added a button to advance time in Jane's office in the academy.

· The main menu has been adapted and now includes a button to access a log for the academy updates and the combat menu, where you can purchase and upgrade the skills for the combat, select against which genders of enemies you want to see in the fight animations with particular characters (Show animations for both male and female, show always as if the characters is fighting with a female or always as fighting against a male), and manage the combat party.

· Added the combat with Elana, the Spirit, Hanna, Christie and Belladona as fighters with 75+ animations.

· Added sound for most of those animations.

· Added a debug code for influenced maga/nobles and above tiers to unlock all characters for the combat with 1000 skill points for each other. https://www.patreon.com/posts/35899764

· There is a text tutorial which can be consulted anytime in the combat but this are roughly the mechanics: You select an enemy, a fighter and a physical skill to start the fight, and the goal is to leave the opponent without stamina. While you still have capacity to activate the turbo you can do so to increase the speed, increasing the stamina consumption for both fighters. If the special skills are purchased you can also perform those skills for a magic cost any time if they are ready (they have cooldown) with a wide range of effects. Keep in mind that those skills can fail while they are not leveled up. Also keep in mind that those enemies can have different behaviours (such as changing preferences, immune to turbos, extra toughness...) which now will be explained the first time you encounter therm. You win the fight if all enemies reach climax before your party.

· Added a combat ending scene showing the experience earned for the characters and if they level up.

· The combat is activated after completing Jane's world (in future will be after Dystopia). After completing it or using the button to skip it the event that will start it appears if you enter and exit the academy, with an event that contains another animation. After it, you'll find different enemy ragdolls around Jane's world to start battles with different amount, types and levels of enemies. In future there will be three types of enemy parties: places where always appear enemies with increasing level, enemies who block areas and disappear after being defeated and enemies who walks towards the academy.

· You start the combat with Elana and the Spirit but as mentioned you can get 3 more fighters. Christie will appear in a area of a completed world (she should appear with futa appearance or not deppending on the choices of their dialog events but, if you skip Jane's world with the button, there is chances that appears with one or the other. In future we'll try to add a feature in the combat menu to change it since she mentions in the event that she can control it), Hanna will appear in the academy after the first fight but after talking to her, she will appear in another area of a completed world (Click on her is a little buggy but if you click a little around her ragdoll the event will start without much problem) and Belladona will appear in the academy ready to join the party after completing Show towns.

· Added ragdolls for the destruction spawns and Hanna.

· Added Hanna's avatar and the avatars of some old friends.

· Added an event for Aly and Lily in the academy after completing Show towns.

Known bugs and notes:

· The Spirit in the inventory and the teachers images in their data sheets in the teachers rooms appear as white rectangles.

· For some reason the portrait of the first enemy you select for the battle changes its gender.

· Some texts fore the lessons are still not implemented or are not correct.

· Some students can appear in a classroom where there is no lesson at that time.

· Hanna's ragdoll is a little difficult to click in the event to get her for the combat.

· Even if you start a new game the characters will still keep their level for the combat.

· The climax animation for Belladona is a little buggy.

· Thea change resolution tool doesn't work well and touch it can misalign the elements of the game.

· Since we are working on changing the size of the game the images of the events appear in low resolution.

· The third level of Spirit's sex sense skill only activates when you select him instead of at the beginning of the combat.

· Many adjustments for the faces of the dialogue needs to be done.

· If you skip jane's world the arrow to go to the sadness area from the love area, doesn't appear.

· The rooster who sings to announce the change of the day, sings whenever he wants.





Posted by knotgames - November 1st, 2020


Posted by knotgames - October 6th, 2020


The winner from the poll to join the battle party has been Christie!

At some point of the game, probably early and probably after small side quest she'll join Elana and the Spirit to help them defend against the strange new beings that has appeared in the dimension.

Beside her, there are at least two more characters planned to join the battles. We'll try to have all of them ready for next update, but there is high chances that this is not going to be possible because it means about 60 animations which is kinda insane (More animations that chapter 1 maybe even chapter 2). But we are getting faster at it, so we'll see :)


Rough lines about the combat:


Some strange beings are appearing in the pre-existential dimension. They are chasing the the students of the academy and appear to be very powerful, to a point that Elana and the Spirit have nothing to do using violence against them. Luckily, for some reason, they also appear to be full of lust and can be seduced and easily dragged to sexy times. Sadly they appear to have some sort of dark aura around them, some sort of decay magic that causes our heroes to lose stamina way faster than what they are used to in this matters.

The battles:

The enemies will appear in groups and you'll have to chose one of the enemies, one of your fighters, and choose which action to perform to start the battle. You'll be able to change fighter, enemy and action any time, but the fight will not stop until one of the contendants is defeated, which will happen if his or her stamina reaches 0. The enemies will have preferences and some of the actions will affect them more, but they will also have different natures. Some will switch preferences during the battle, some will be tougher at the beginning, some will be more affected by "turbos" (provisional name) or not affected at all... The turbos are short periods of intensity that consumes more stamina but also inflicts more damage to the enemies stamina. The amount of times the fighter would be able to use this turbos and the amount of stamina it will consume, will also depend on the level he or she has on that matter. Beside of this, every fighter will also have their own special abilities that will be able to use during combat, which will consume magic. Abilities like heal the party, do a special attack, inspect the enemies... The danger of the battle allows them to focus a little more to perform magic, but there will be also risks if those skills have low level.

Management, level up and rewards:

In the game menu you'll be able to manage the combat party. Probably you'll be able to select up to three fighters building your team at will. There you'll be also able to manage a little the visual part of the fights. For example, Christie will fight as woman against mans and futa against woman, but there will be an option to see her as a woman with a strappon instead of futa. You'll be also able to able to choose if you want to see fights against both of the genders, one of them or none of them. For example if you chose to not see Elana fighting against females, when she is battling a female the game will show the equivalent animation action for males (more or less equivalent...) and if you choose not to see any of them you'll just see the effects in the stats.

After every victory, as a base, the player will earn lust power that will increase the whole lust amount of the academy and every fighter will earn experience points to level up, which will provide skill points to upgrade the combat actions.

Our idea is that every level would give a lot of skill points, but with plenty of fields to personalize the characters if wanted. For example the combat actions will have at least two different levels to use the skill points, one to increase the damage and one to reduce the stamina needed (for example making possible to have one action very harmful for the enemies stamina and one other that almost doesn't consumes any stamina for your fighter). Turbos and special abilities will also have their own levels for different matters, for example, a level on the magic abilities to reduce the chances of fail, or evolve the effects. Enemies will also have levels, beside coming in differents group sizes and natures, so managing your fighters will have certain amount of importance.

More or less this are basic for the combat. We could add some more stuff during the development but we think this could be something interesting as it is.

Of course, as always, comments and opinions are welcome.

Have a nice day!