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knotgames's News

Posted by knotgames - October 6th, 2020


The winner from the poll to join the battle party has been Christie!

At some point of the game, probably early and probably after small side quest she'll join Elana and the Spirit to help them defend against the strange new beings that has appeared in the dimension.

Beside her, there are at least two more characters planned to join the battles. We'll try to have all of them ready for next update, but there is high chances that this is not going to be possible because it means about 60 animations which is kinda insane (More animations that chapter 1 maybe even chapter 2). But we are getting faster at it, so we'll see :)


Rough lines about the combat:


Some strange beings are appearing in the pre-existential dimension. They are chasing the the students of the academy and appear to be very powerful, to a point that Elana and the Spirit have nothing to do using violence against them. Luckily, for some reason, they also appear to be full of lust and can be seduced and easily dragged to sexy times. Sadly they appear to have some sort of dark aura around them, some sort of decay magic that causes our heroes to lose stamina way faster than what they are used to in this matters.

The battles:

The enemies will appear in groups and you'll have to chose one of the enemies, one of your fighters, and choose which action to perform to start the battle. You'll be able to change fighter, enemy and action any time, but the fight will not stop until one of the contendants is defeated, which will happen if his or her stamina reaches 0. The enemies will have preferences and some of the actions will affect them more, but they will also have different natures. Some will switch preferences during the battle, some will be tougher at the beginning, some will be more affected by "turbos" (provisional name) or not affected at all... The turbos are short periods of intensity that consumes more stamina but also inflicts more damage to the enemies stamina. The amount of times the fighter would be able to use this turbos and the amount of stamina it will consume, will also depend on the level he or she has on that matter. Beside of this, every fighter will also have their own special abilities that will be able to use during combat, which will consume magic. Abilities like heal the party, do a special attack, inspect the enemies... The danger of the battle allows them to focus a little more to perform magic, but there will be also risks if those skills have low level.

Management, level up and rewards:

In the game menu you'll be able to manage the combat party. Probably you'll be able to select up to three fighters building your team at will. There you'll be also able to manage a little the visual part of the fights. For example, Christie will fight as woman against mans and futa against woman, but there will be an option to see her as a woman with a strappon instead of futa. You'll be also able to able to choose if you want to see fights against both of the genders, one of them or none of them. For example if you chose to not see Elana fighting against females, when she is battling a female the game will show the equivalent animation action for males (more or less equivalent...) and if you choose not to see any of them you'll just see the effects in the stats.

After every victory, as a base, the player will earn lust power that will increase the whole lust amount of the academy and every fighter will earn experience points to level up, which will provide skill points to upgrade the combat actions.

Our idea is that every level would give a lot of skill points, but with plenty of fields to personalize the characters if wanted. For example the combat actions will have at least two different levels to use the skill points, one to increase the damage and one to reduce the stamina needed (for example making possible to have one action very harmful for the enemies stamina and one other that almost doesn't consumes any stamina for your fighter). Turbos and special abilities will also have their own levels for different matters, for example, a level on the magic abilities to reduce the chances of fail, or evolve the effects. Enemies will also have levels, beside coming in differents group sizes and natures, so managing your fighters will have certain amount of importance.

More or less this are basic for the combat. We could add some more stuff during the development but we think this could be something interesting as it is.

Of course, as always, comments and opinions are welcome.

Have a nice day!





Posted by knotgames - September 21st, 2020


Alpha 2.1! This one along with some updates for the academy includes the Excess world with 80+ images, 140+ events and 17 new characters.

You can find full list of updates here but some things like the final minigame are already included in this one: https://elanachampionoflust.blogspot.com/2020/07/alpha-2-of-chapter-3-excess-world.html


· You can skip the first world in the codes menu (button in the top left of the screen next to the gallery button) and then you only have to talk with Jane in her office. 

· Please don't load saves from previous versions, while the game is in development you'll be able to access all worlds from the beginning.

· The quality of the game has been reduced to match the size parameters of Newgrounds but you can find a full quality version in our blog.

· This is a game under development, developed by a small team and there are tons of features that we still have to add. We really appreciate bug reports though!

Hope you'll enjoy it!

This browser versions causes little glitches, like the character runs faster and such, but if you prefer, we have Windows version available in our blogspot: https://elanachampionoflust.blogspot.com/

We have video resumes of the plot of Chapter 1 and 2 in case you'd like to jump directly to chapter 3 but still follow the story, or you just want to refresh it. Here you'll find links to the Spanish and English versions, censored and uncensored:


As you may know we have another version with more content for our patrons. This time including Show towns world as well as android version!. If you want to help us develop the game, you can support us here:


But comments, votes and spread the word is also very helpful! So, if you don't want to spend money, you can help us develop the game too ^^

Music by: Kupo

Erotic audio by: www.listentopo.com

Greeting sounds by: https://missmoonified.newgrounds.com/ (and some experiments. Still work in progress).

if you want to watch our news and and announcements, dont forget to check our blog and twitter:




Posted by knotgames - September 18th, 2020


New version with the new world Show Towns! The version should run pretty smoothly this time since the testing went pretty well. The android version (which are available for patrons) is still bigger than we want (right now is bigger than 1GB) but we'll try reduce it and reupload it during next week. We have tested it with a couple of devices and works fine though. Browser version is giving us some troubles as usual and we'll work on it during next week too. Beside this we are and we'll be working on next mechanics release, this time, focusing on combat, working some more on the academy and side/inbetween worlds events.Hope you'll enjoy it!


· Now the teachers of the academy have stamina (amount of lessons that can give every day) which can level up. They have subject level and they unlock the subjects they can teach through leveling up other subjects (the subjects still needs to be purchased for the academy). This levels can be checked in the teachers room in the academy but we have to add informative pop-ups and the whole system still needs some work.

· Added the world Show Towns. Including final minigame and ending (still the class and the teacher doesn't show up in the academy).

· To go to the new world the arrow can be found in the sadness area of Jane's world. Remember that right now you can skip the first world in the codes menu (button next to the gallery in the top left of the screen) with a button that will lead you to the point where the new world are open. This time there is no need to go talk with Jane.

· Added 8 new characters (or group of characters) with 12 new avatars and their ragdolls.

· Added about 90-100 events for the world.

· Added about 27 new images.

· Added 6 new animations.

· Added some sounds.





Posted by knotgames - August 6th, 2020


A quicker release this time with the "boring" stuff that has to be done but still with some content to find.

We were hesitating about if we wanted to delay the release a week or so to add some "after world" events with some story and mechanics but, since it could take longer than we want, we finally decided to leave it to be added along with next world release and, for once, have an "easy" quick release after all the time that took us to prepare the excess world version.

Usually when we do a mechanics release we don't prepare all versions (browser, android...) but, this time, since last version of android didn't worked well with all devices we decided to make all of them (browser version still doesn't load, which could be because it is not properly loaded in the server or for another problem. if it doesn't loads during the weekend, we'll check what could be happening).

As you may know, we've been also preparing work for next world release with the world show towns, which we think it will be ready in a month or a month and a week.

Also this weekend we'll publish the rest of the Lunch sketches we promised, the results of the animation poll, a character poll and maybe even a new exclusive animation.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


· Added sounds to several images.

· Added character "greeting" sounds, volume has been adjusted.

· Academy tutorial place-holder images switched to in-game images.

· Assets pre-loading splitted to optimize game performance (This should fix the problems some players had in the android version with the game crashing before even starting. We have checked it with devices that had problems before and know works fine).

· Added the inventory.

· Added pop-ups for when an item is collected and the images of the already implemented items.

· Increased walking speed a little.

· Added a minimap which allows quick travel once the worlds have been discovered (in future this will need to be unlocked but now it is a feature since the beginning).

· Added the tutorial on the first world, guiding the player through the characters and their needs to make the first world less confusing and give a better explanation to the new player about what is happening).

· Fixed a bug where Ailyn (Dystopia) tasks would always end with the line "I'm working on it." Also, the tasks options will disappear once you've completed them.

· Added Scylla and Leela as teachers and Candy and Excess as classes for the academy (once you have completed their worlds).

· Added 15 images for basic lessons of the academy.

· Added 101 sketches for the rest of the lessons of the academy (very rough sketches but at least showing a little what is happening).

Known bugs (among many other small ones, but we always appreciate any bug report):

· While you are in the inventory screen you can still click the menu button of the menu which unlocks the background and could lead to errors. Seems pretty stable but still could lead crashing errors if you start clicking on the menu buttons or elements of the area while the inventory screen is open.

· Images of the academy aren't still properly implemented.

· Jane's world tutorial messages could be misplaced in particular places and also some names could not be the ones shown in the game (ex: Xa'l Astre could appear as "dragona" or things like this.





Posted by knotgames - July 8th, 2020


Tomorrow or in a matter of days public release of the 1.9!

Finally here! A new alpha with a new world! It doesn't have the final minigame but we'll update it in a matter of days and the saves of this version will  work since it will be an small change and we've prepared it to make it work. Even so, please don't load an old save, remember you can press the letter "d" and enter the code "kg1ststep" or use the new method we have implemented to enter codes and press the button on the top left to skip the first world. Then you just have to talk with Jane in the academy and all worlds will be available:


Hope you'll enjoy the version!


· Added new system to enter the codes to make it work for android version.

·Now the assets of the game load before starting the game, which prevents some previous loading issues, although it may take some seconds to load (depending on your machine). Since there is still no loading bar, if the game shows you a black screen for a while, don't worry, the game should start soon.

· Added some sounds and greeting sounds (some from  https://missmoonified.newgrounds.com/ ), but most of them are just experiments and not properly in place.

· Now you can control the volume of the sfx and the music separately (although it could need some rearrangement).

· Some fixes here and there.

· Added Excess world (the arrow to go there appears in the lust zone after completing the first world).

· Added about 140 events for the excess world.

· Added 80+ images for events of the excess world + 6 new backgrounds.

· Added 2 animations for the excess world

· Added 17 new avatars for characters.

· Added 16 new avatars for characters.




Posted by knotgames - July 6th, 2020


The next world winner is "two worlds"!

Knot and Berserk are still finishing details of the excess world but since Root has finished with the art is starting to prepare the new world writing and doing the backgrounds while preparing more art for the academy.

This week new update!

Stay safe and have a nice week!


Posted by knotgames - June 27th, 2020


This time we'll make this sketch public because we want to know as much thoughts as possible about it. This is a concept for a possible rpg game which would be way more simpler than Elana, Champion of Lust, and that could be a transition project or a way to get some more support to finish Elana's project in case of need.


The story takes place in a magical world where there are two main races, the Teserexies, who are all females and the  Onibors, who are all males. This is not a problem for them because they reproduce with non-sexual ways since they are magical beings. The two races, even having their own laws, live in a symbiotic society due to a friendship forged centuries ago, when their alliances helped them to overcome dark times.

In those times the Onibors saved the Teserexies but were cursed because of it. The curse produces on the Onibors a huge sexual urge, which ultimately drive them into a primal and barbaric state.  

As a thank to the Onibors, the Teserexies swear to help with the curse, removing their urges and preventing them from losing their minds. This way the honorable profession of the Acknowledgers was born. 

The time passed and this Acknowledgers became a needed and very respected part of the society. The urges of the Onibors can't be handled by all Teserexies and even those who can handle them can't handle all of them. Because of this and, to always be prepared, a competition was born to maintain all  Acknowledgers in shape and find the strongers of them to manage all the urges. This lead to the creation of ranks for the Acknowledgers, where the leaders of them are the Elites of the Citadel, the most talented  Acknowledgers and a great power inside the society of the Teserexies.

At least... This is what most of the Teserexies and Onibors think...


In this game you will accompany Jilly, a recently ordered Acknowledger who will work hard and learn a lot to be able to face all kinds of shapes and levels of the Onibors urges and  whose dream is to increase her rank and become part of the Elites of the citadel.

Any thoughts? What do you guys think about a possible game like this?

Obviously this are just rough and provisional ideas, names and designs. The door is open to more genders/mechanics/races... but probably in the case it moves forward and it is highly demanded and successful enough.  

Stay safe and have a nice weekend!





Posted by knotgames - May 9th, 2020


Hi, everyone! We are still working on the excess and we have decided to wait until is fully finished instead of release it without the ending as we did with the other two worlds. What we did before was to match our plans for release dates but we think it will be for the best to not make you play two times the same world to see the ending.

This along with the mechanics of the servants, which makes the world to have about 100 more events, will make us delay the release a little bit but we hope it will not be much (It will be mostly because of the art. Not all this event will have images but there is a lot of them with interesting situations that will be sad if they don't end up with image).

Here you have an sneak peek of the characters that will be in the world and the preview image of the first lost control animation which is already available for 10$+. The second one will be the April exclusive so it could be released soon.

Stay safe and have a nice weekend!





Posted by knotgames - April 11th, 2020


Mechanics month! The academy is starting to be in place. Still a lot of work to do but the main functionalities are in place. This time we'll release less versions. For the mechanics versions we'll release, windows, and later browser versions (this time the browser will come during next week because it causes more bugs and needs more testing) and with the “world releases,” every two months, we'll include Android version too.


· Added minigame and ending of Candy world. Once you complete the world the minigame will start. This time the minigame is rather simple, but is something we wanted to do since chapter 2 and we think it can still be enjoyable. Even so, don't worry we have plenty of minigames more complex planned for other worlds.

· Now when you complete a world, their characters will appear in the academy to be used in the lessons. Note: Dystopia characters doesn't disappear right now but they can still be found in the academy.

· Now when you complete Jane's tutorial for in principal's office in the academy (which will need to be adjusted in the future, with the correct texts and images) a button to manage the academy will appear.

· Instead of show the slide show of images of Lashy and lodred with the students, this time, in order to see the scenes, you'll have to schedule the lessons in this management button.

· There you'll have the basic subjects but you'll be able to purchase new subjects, as well as more classroom buildings (in future there will be more buildings but are not implemented yet).

· Also you'll have a section to manage the schedule of lessons, picking certain teacher, students, lesson certain time and classroom. If you pick a teacher or a group of students that is already already scheduled for the same hour in another classroom, a pop-up will show up to warn you, telling you that they are already selected.

· Added a bar that shows if the students and teachers are in lesson time or free time. Although now nothing happens during the free time.

· If you go at the time you scheduled to the classes, you'll find an icon on it telling you which lessons is inside and if you enter you'll find the ragdolls of the students and the teachers. If you click on them and they already have an image for the lesson, it will appear (in future with a short event) but if not a place holder will show up.

· Right now you can't gain lust power, but we have added enough so you can check the academy management a little, even if not completed yet.

· Lodred and lashy, Tina, Jane's world students and dystopia students have image for the basic lessons and in order to test, Lashy and Lodred have an animation for the “group" lesson, although in future it will not be triggered there because you'll have to level up the teachers in order to get animations.

· Added gallery. Right now only available for 10$+ patrons with a debug code but for next version it will be open from the beginning and the images and animations will get unlocked as you find them in the game.

Content summary:

About 43 new images and 1 animation.

Known bugs:

·Once you complete Dystopia world the character appear in the academy but doesn't disappear from Dystopia.

·If you don't select a lesson for a certain hour and class but you select teachers or students it can give problems.





Posted by knotgames - April 9th, 2020


"Welcome masters. We are the servants and, along with the other dozens of servants of the mansion, our only purpose is fulfill your desires..."

As mentioned Excess world is settled and fully on the making to be ready for May release. Here you'll find the Extasi Mansion, the place with the biggest amount of lust found in the games so far, where our protagonists will have to face new challenges.

About this month release, we have decided to leave the release for this Saturday along with the weekly posts. We were struggling with a couple of things in the academy and  we prefered to work a little more on it before releasing it. The academy will not be fully finished but it will have some of its features already functional. Keep in mind that, even if the release will have more than 40 new images, it is a "mechanics" release, and most of our work it is on the background of the game this time.

Stay safe and have a nice day!